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The weekend was pretty good overall. As previously mentioned, we made it out to the shore. Reagan posted some of that action over here. It started raining Saturday night and did not stop until early Monday morning. I Should say “didn’t sort of stop,” because really it is still raining intermittently. I know that posts about the weather are lame. But, apparently we broke some records. So, it didn’t just seem like a lot of rain. It actually really was a lot of rain.

I got the image above when we jumped back in the car to return from Westchester, Sunday afternoon. Apparently, Reagan thought it would also be a nice image for her instagram (below).


Speaking of Reagan, she is giving away some hair product on HDOF this week, to celebrate breaking the 1k mark in FB likes. Check it out.

One more Reagan story– When we arrived back in the city on Sunday afternoon, we had to stop into the hardware store briefly, while walking back from the car. I had to pick up some parts to fix some stuff around the house. Reagan asked if she could get a treat. This is what she picked out:


I was laughing so hard. The dude at the check out was nodding with approval as he bagged it up for us. Apparently, Reagan has always wanted one of these sandwich makers. She didn’t waste any time putting it to use. She made grilled cheese with tomato for dinner. Then Nutella/banana/peanut butter sandwiches for dessert.

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  1. Stop the presses. That sandwich maker was an infatuation my mother had when I was a kid. We used it all the time! Mozzarella and sauce – check! Warm pb&b – check! Ham and cheese – check! Oh, the memories.

  2. I have one of these things and they are the greatest invention ever… unless you are an expert sandwich flipper, which I am not. Pizza pockets…yum! Enjoy :)

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