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Well, it was a pretty busy and pretty fun weekend. Friday, my brother and his girl came down to the FiDi and met me after work. We grabbed dinner and hung out for a while before meeting up with Reagan. We went to a club in MePa, before quickly deciding that we were too tired to be out all night. All of the pics from that night are on my brother’s cam. So, I will have to grab those later.

Saturday, we did the usual Saturday stuff. In the evening, before going out, my brother and his girl came on a walk with me over to the section of the Hudson Greenway that is near the GWB. We brought some cameras and snapped a couple of pics, while we were there. Above: GWB from the south. Below: my brother Sam, and his girlfriend, Chani (I was too lazy to pull out the lens distortion, but you get the point).


Here are a couple of more snaps from Saturday night. It was eventide, and there was no wind. So, the Hudson was like a giant refection pool–

shotbyjake-com-3966 shotbyjake-com-0179

Sunday, we did the usual Sunday stuff. In the afternoon, Reagan did a tutorial for HDOFblog, using Chani as her model. So, I shot that, then We shot some stills while we were out later. I’ll be posting them as soon as Reagan gives me permission.

The end.

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  1. Jake. It’s been ages since I’ve been meaning to say CONGRAJOOLAYSHUNS on the new job. And kudos on tackling those marathons. And the photo lessons. And basically everything. High five to The Pip. Peace out!

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