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Well, I guess that I am now officially one of those people who posts crappy cell phone shots on their blog. Hahahaha. Despite not really having anything planned for the weekend, it ended up being a bit of a banger. I am now officially broke. This Tuesday makes 5 years that I’m married to Mrs. Reagan. I told her that we could take a trip to 47th Street, so that she could pick out something sparkly she liked. We did, and she did. Since we were in the neighborhood, we hit up little Brazil.
We downed some pao de queijo, mandioca frita, guarana, etc.. It was delicious.

To round things out, Reagan recently landed a gig contributing weekly to a site called Divine Caroline, dropping hair knowledge on the masses. We had to shoot a couple of frames for her first post. Here is one of the options that I quite liked. It almost does her eyes justice (photos never really do, you have to see them in real life to appreciate).


Other good things that happened this weekend: Cassette funded. So stoked about this thing. Thanks to everyone who helped my friends fund their project. Reagan and I finished off the weekend watching “True Grit.”  I love cowboy movies. It’s kind of odd, because I don’t really like cowboys. But, I grew up watching this type of movie with papa Breinholt, and I guess you could say that have developed a taste for the genre.

Have a great week.

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  1. Happy anniversary to you!!! (and to me and Jon too haha) Sounds like you did your 5 year jusice. And I’m glad your friends movie funded, that’s exciting! And did Reagan tell you we are coming to visit? I’m SOOO EXCITED!!!

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