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Similar to last week, we spend some time this weekend shooting for Reagan’s hair blog. She is doing a project this month about wearing a different accessory in her hair every day. Above are a couple of my faves from the weekend. The little green orb in the bottom of the frame of the pic on the left is our bbq, Sputnik, making a cameo. He also sneaked into this post.

The weather is getting very mild. I’m hoping to kick the running into high gear this week. We are supposed to break 70 degrees on two separate occasions. X your fingers for me.

Speaking of nice weather. I have been considering doing a few more photography tutorials. A friend of mine has offered to shoot the video. Shooting outside is much more pleasant when the weather is nice, so hopefully that will give me the motivation I need to make those happen.

Some of our very good friends are coming to visit this week. I’m pretty excited about that. I also have a couple of events this week that I’m looking forward to. Lastly, 6 AM is effectively an hour earlier tomorrow morning than it was last Monday. So, I had better turn in.

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