Happy Friday!


I have been insanely busy the last few days. Which is cool. But I have not spent much time at a desk, which means I have done much photo editing or writing. I know that everyone has been very disappointed about this, hehe. Not to worry, I will have plenty of time on my hands this weekend to run through all of the stuff that I have shot this weeks, as well as recap some decent fun.

As promised a few weeks ago, I have been checking to see when the GQ article “The man who sailed his house” appeared online. When the November issue came in the mail yesterday, I figured that all of the October stuff was probably now online. I was right. Here is a link to one of my favorite magazine articles that I have read in years.

Have a great weekend!





TGIF, in both the traditional sense and the Kid Cudi sense. Isn’t it crazy the way that sometimes what you read during your commute can set the tone for the entire day? Welllahhh, this morning I finished up an article entitled “The Man who Sailed his House” in GQ. I wish so badly that I could link to it, but the October issue isn’t online yet. It was so incredibly good, that would suggest buying the issue for that story alone, even if you couldn’t care less about men’s fashion.

The story is about the gentleman pictured above, who was swept out to sea on his own roof after the recent earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan. It is written in second person narrative, which threw me at first, since that voice seems to generally be reserved for fiction. The story is packed to the gills with loss, tragedy, despair, and destruction. Then balanced out with hope, miracles, humanity, and elation. I hope that I haven’t talked it up too much. Anyway, it was a very uplifting way to start the weekend.

On the docket– Reagan and I will be prepping for a kind of big shoot Monday, which will probably take up most of our free time this weekend. I’m going to try to sneak in 10 miles tomorrow followed by an 18 mile tune up on Sunday with NYRR. I just came down with a cold, yesterday. So, things might get interesting. 15 Days until the Chi-town Marathon. I’m getting excited and nervous.

Have a great weekend.

PS, I’ll keep an eye out for article I mentioned, and link to it when it is published online.

PdoubleS, Fall 2011 beardwatch starts this weekend.

BYU ranks No. 6 on GQ’s list of top 10 d@#chiest colleges


According to one of the stupidest lists I have seen in a long time, GQ ranked BYU the 6th “douchiest” college in America, in its August ’11 issue. I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a lot of nice feelings or nice things to say about BYU. In fact, I don’t like the school– at all. I grew up being a fan (and later earned an undergraduate degree from) their most bitter rival. So, normally upon reading such a blurb in a magazine that I have traditionally enjoyed as one of my favorites, I would smile and snicker to myself in agreement.

Unfortunately these types of satirical/critical remarks lose a bit of credence/humor  coming from a magazine that is apparently trying to bolster it’s own ranking in the douchiest magazine polls. August was one of the worst issues I have read in a long time. I’m not sure if it is just because I started reading it on the same train ride that I finished reading the latest Wired, or if it would have seemed just as bad had I chosen to read GQ before Wired. Either way, it was piss poor. Is Jim Nelson on vacation right now, or what? The overall article quality was crap, and in an apparent attempt to compensate, the magazine was riddled with incomprehensible pervy/porny infographics. Dude, if I wanted to read FHM, I would subscribe to FHM. Stop hiring Terry Richardson to shoot your covers (ok, maybe don’t go that far), and tone down the fratboy pervitude.

Given the massive level of disappointment that I felt towards the latest issue of GQ, I couldn’t even enjoy the dig at BYU. In fact, BYU– you and all of the rest of the schools who made the “douchiest,” you all get a pass. Someone who can’t come up with a better word than “douchiest” in a national publication to describe the schools that they are taking a piss at, is really not in a position to be talking down on anyone.

Step it up, GQ.