1 hot mess

Headed to CA this eve to shoot surfing at Huntington Beach. Although I’m very excited to go, I am a complete mess right now. I am in dire need of a haircut (my stylist is in Columbia on a family emergency), I have a huge blem on my face, I haven’t shaved since Monday, and I haven’t charged any batteries or packed anything yet. So basically things are shaping up really nicely. On top of everything, I can look forward to being away for approx 20 hours today before I will be able to get some rest. Hahahaha. I guess this is how it is sometimes for grownups. Hopefully I’ll have something good to show for my efforts at some point.


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  1. I know how it is to be a mess, I feel like that right now! I hope you will be able to enjoy yourself and get some relaxation in, eventually. Have a safe trip! 🙂

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