July 4


Actually, this post is starting with July 3, above. It has been raining like crazy, lately. Summer rain in NYC is crazy. It can be torrential for a few minutes, then the sun comes out.

2013-shotbyjake-com-4760 2013-shotbyjake-com-4774-2 2013-shotbyjake-com-4742 2013-shotbyjake-com-4786

Here are some from the evening of the 4th of July. These were snapped from the roof of a boutique hotel on the west side of Manhattan. The Hudson was completely packed with boats loaded with people ready to watch fireworks.

2013-shotbyjake-com-4795 2013-shotbyjake-com-4849 2013-shotbyjake-com-4854

And then, the mass exodus down river, after the fireworks. I really like the way these slow shutters came out.

2013-shotbyjake-com-4898 2013-shotbyjake-com-4900 2013-shotbyjake-com-4902
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