favorite images of 2013 part 1


In going back through the stuff that I shot in 2013, one thing has become very apparent– With the exception of NYFW in February, I am much more prolific in the warmer months. It isn’t that I’m not shooting in the winter. I’m just uninspired and not as active. Anyway, I have decided to pad this new full width layout with some of the favorite images that I snapped in 2013. I’ll do it in a couple of installations. This is the first.

2012-shotbyjake-com-3883 2013-shotbyjake-com-35001 2013-shotbyjake.com-4543 2013-shotbyjake.com-4472 2013-shotbyjake-com-4528 2013-shotbyjake-com-43701 2013-shotbyjake-com-43411 2013-shotbyjake-com-9548



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