winter solstice

Sunset on the High Line

I took a evening jaunt on the high line Saturday, when it was unseasonably warm. It also happened to be Winter Solstice. Even though I know that the worst of winter is yet to come, I take some comfort in the fact that the days will now be getting longer instead of shorter. There is something utterly depressing about having sunset at 4:30 PM.

I brought my Polaroid with me Saturday evening, and snapped the images below with it. The image at the top, is of the same view from the iPhone. Not the most spectacular sunset. But I did like the way that the light was coming through the cotton-like plants in the foreground.


polaroid love


I made it back to Salt Lake over the holiday. The last couple of times that I have visited family there, I made it a point to drag along the Polaroid Landcamera 230. I found a place locally that sells Fuji FP3000B, so that I don’t have to worry about the x-ray machine fogging up my film at the airport. The snap above is one of my favorites from the latest excursion out west. It is a my most recent nephew sitting on my old man’s lap at a college football game.