Lambo Styley

Had some pre-NYIAS fun last night. Went to the launch of the Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli edition. Good times.

Latest addition to the family

I added a couple of new tools to the arsenal this week. Specifically, I finally picked up a Fujifilm X100S. I have ranted about this camera a few times already. I have only had it one day, but I already like it quite a bit. I showed a couple of my friends, who called it a tourist camera. Funny enough, that is exactly what I intend to use it for. It is such a pain to drag an SLR system with me every time that I travel. I plan on bringing this girl with me everywhere. In true tourist fashion, I snapped a couple of shots in midtown this morning (including one in Times Square). Nothing amazing, but I’m just getting her broken in!

Riding Upstate NY

I took my bike out of winter storage recently in anticipation of spring. Saturday was a nicest weather that New York City has seen so far in 2014. Prior to Saturday, I had taken a few solo rides upstate along the Hudson. Then Saturday, I was joined by two friends. We ended up riding for close to 9 hours. I’m throwing up a couple of snaps from our ride, as well as a couple from my other 2014 rides, so far. Apologies that these are all iPhone snaps. So the quality is not fantastic. The photos that I appear in were snapped by my friend B. Swiss.


happy new year!

I’m not going to lie– I was not sad to see the sun set on 2013. It was a tough year for this kid. Here’s looking forward to a fantastic 2014!

Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson team up for interactive web based art called “Moon”

Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson have teamed up to create a super cool (imo) interactive piece of art on the web. I think that the artists are as interesting as the piece itself. GQ has a pretty amazing article about Ai, that ran a couple of years ago when he was released by the Chinese government, after being detained for several months. Olafur, is the guy who created the waterfall installations under the Brooklyn Bridge a couple of years ago.

Anyway, the “Moon” collaboration allows individuals to register for the site, then leave their mark on the moon via mouse or touch pad.  It is like a giant virtual collaborative etch-a-sketch. Here is how they describe the project–

The instant a touch is made, things are set in motion. Make a drawing to reach out and be touched. Drawing together we are drawn together. This is how we make a difference in the world, on micro and macro levels, individually and collectively. Touch the moon by drawing on it – a vision, doodle, statement, a greeting, thought. . . your drawing is a hinge between you, everyone else, and the universe.

By connecting in spaces for imagination – by determining what to share and how to share it – we can create a greater outcome. Through messages and non-verbal communication, in a language unique to each person, the collective work becomes a testament to personal freedom, creativity, and activity.

Celebrate with us the gathering of creative powers from around the globe to mark the passage from nothing to something and from thinking into doing. Savour this moment of transformation. Leave your fingerprint and see the shared moon grow as others reach out too. Let’s show the world that together our marks matter. Creativity defies boundaries.

Go make your mark on the moon.

Here is one of the marks that I made (so far)  😉

on the webz

One of my favorite motorcycle blogs recently ran a series called “Broventure” wherein two guys rode some enduro-touring bikes through southern Utah and AZ. The photos and stories are awesome. Start with number 1. There are links to the rest of the installments at the end of each post. I was extremely envious of this entire story. Sounds like one of my dream vacations.

Additionally, Jakub is back in action on ISO50. I’m loving the latest mix that he posted over there.


‘stories of bike’

I came across the site “Stories of Bike” recently, thanks to Asphalt and Rubber. I agree with their statement, “It won’t take you long to realize that there is a clear moto-hipster vibe that’s going on with the Stories of Bike” Plus, the term”moto-hipster” made me laugh out loud. Even though these types of bikes aren’t really my cup of tea, I have to admit that I ended up watching all of the videos. I did identify with some aspect of what each of the featured riders/bikes were about. Even though I never did any heavy mods to my early bikes, the first two that I owned were a CB250 and a CB750, similar to the production versions of the modded bikes in the videos. I also found it interesting to learn about the Aussie version of cafe racer culture. The vids are very well produced and short enough to keep them interesting. To be honest, watching these vids kind of made me miss working on bikes. Check ’em.


usb rechargeable bookman bike lights

I currently use the original iteration of the Bookman bike light. In NYC, cyclists are actually required by law to use a light while riding at night. Although the Bookman lights don’t provide a lot of illumination, they do increase your visibility to others and are easy to mount (and remove when you lock up). They have three lighting modes: solid, and two speeds of blinking.

I have been so happy with mine, that I’m already on my second set. On the current version, it is easier to replace the entire unit, than it is to replace the battery when it dies. Apparently the design folks at Bookman took this into account with their recently announced upgrade, which will be rechargeable via USB. The rechargeable model is scheduled to be available in the US around August of this year.


go skateboarding day recap

Friday was international Go Skateboarding Day. Nike SB celebrated in grand fashion by throwing an NYC skate safari. They shuttled the SB skate team around to a couple of the major NYC skate parks, capping off the day at a custom built skate park that they had constructed on a barge. The barge was parked right next to the Intrepid museum on Friday night. I showed up in time to shoot the demo, before having a little skate session of my own. These are a couple of snaps of the SB team throwing down.

tony hawk’s first skateboard going to the smithsonian

Tony Hawk’s first skateboard, ever, will be going to the Smithsonian. It seems like a pretty fitting place for it. Here is the scoop, from Complex:

After donating his 1986 Tony Hawk pro model Powell-Peralta deck to the Smithsonian Museum of American History back in 2011, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has just donated his first skateboard ever. The board is a blue Bahne that was handed down to Hawk from his brother Steve around 1977. The wheels are completely rusted and you can barely make out the brand name on the bottom of the deck, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s the skateboard that birthed an icon. The board will officially be handed over on June 22 during the Iconoskate Festival, a celebration of the history, innovation, and creativity of skate culture.