Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson team up for interactive web based art called “Moon”

Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson have teamed up to create a super cool (imo) interactive piece of art on the web. I think that the artists are as interesting as the piece itself. GQ has a pretty amazing article about Ai, that ran a couple of years ago when he was released by the Chinese government, after being detained for several months. Olafur, is the guy who created the waterfall installations under the Brooklyn Bridge a couple of years ago.

Anyway, the “Moon” collaboration allows individuals to register for the site, then leave their mark on the moon via mouse or touch pad.  It is like a giant virtual collaborative etch-a-sketch. Here is how they describe the project–

The instant a touch is made, things are set in motion. Make a drawing to reach out and be touched. Drawing together we are drawn together. This is how we make a difference in the world, on micro and macro levels, individually and collectively. Touch the moon by drawing on it – a vision, doodle, statement, a greeting, thought. . . your drawing is a hinge between you, everyone else, and the universe.

By connecting in spaces for imagination – by determining what to share and how to share it – we can create a greater outcome. Through messages and non-verbal communication, in a language unique to each person, the collective work becomes a testament to personal freedom, creativity, and activity.

Celebrate with us the gathering of creative powers from around the globe to mark the passage from nothing to something and from thinking into doing. Savour this moment of transformation. Leave your fingerprint and see the shared moon grow as others reach out too. Let’s show the world that together our marks matter. Creativity defies boundaries.

Go make your mark on the moon.

Here is one of the marks that I made (so far)  πŸ˜‰