audio goodness– austra

I don’t know how I feel about “audio goodness.” It’s no LMC. But I already committed “ear full of gold,” which audio goodness (if I keep name) will most likely be excerpted from on a weekly basis at some future point, anyway. So, for now– audio goodness.

To the point: Austra is seriously getting it done for me, these days. There is an awesome write up on the group, which is held down mostly by frontwoman Katie Stelmanis, over on the page where I borrowed the image for this post. “Feel it break” is the name of the album, released on Domino Records. Apparently they killed at SXSW, and have already had a video banned from Youtube. I don’t think that one could ask for a more winning combo. I’m seriously digging basically the entire album. Here is one of my favorite tracks: Lose it.