I took a break from the frozen tundra of NYC to visit Las Vegas over a long super bowl weekend. It is always fun to pal around with locals. Instead of hanging out on the strip, I spent my time there exploring the old grittier side of the city. I saw friends, made some new friends, and just generally enjoyed the desert.

Lykke Li X David Lynch ‘I’m waiting here’ Video

I came across this recently released video today by Lykke Li. Besides being a fan of hers, I was particularly struck by the strong desert imagery in the video. It actually reminded me of some of the locations that I snapped last November in southern NV. I’m not sure if it is nostalgia, or what. But the desert elicits a certain emotional reaction in me that is hard to describe. It is one that I really like.

Anyway, I love the song, and I love the vid. Peep it below


Some Desert Snaps

I found myself in the desert recently, working on a pro bono project. I grew up frequenting the dunes and canyons of Southern Utah and Nevada. It was quite a privilege for me to be able to revisit that overwhelming sense of vastness that one experiences in such places. It was even more of a privilege to be able to capture a few images while doing so. These are a handful of my faves.

If you scrolled all of the way down here, chances are that you like me, enjoy photos of the desert. If you like them enough to make into phone wall paper, here are a couple of images that I cropped into iphone shaped wallpaper. Feel free to download: Here is the firstHere is the second. Enjoy.