Salt Surf Cruiser

Thanks to the Casey Niestat types, I have developed a bit of a chip on my shoulder when it comes to mini-cruiser skateboards. But I’m into this piece by New York City’s Salt Surf. The aesthetic is elevens.


Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

Lambo outdid themselves with this beautiful design. Dubbed the “Huracán,” this fighting bull is the successor to the Gallardo as Lamborghini’s flagship model. Cheers to the Italians for another gorgeous vehicle.


fountain installation by Robert Seidel

I mean, the rain room at the MoMa was pretty cool. But check out this installation titled “Advection” in Germany by Robert Seidel. I came across the video last week on Core 77, who describe it as “a two-channel video projection displayed on a water fountain and pond in Bad Rothenfelde, Germany.” Similar to the rain room, Seidel’s installation interacts with the individual observing. According to Core 77, “the reflections from the resting water and the shadows from passersby add an additional layer of interactive visuals past the planned digital image. The end product is an ethereal mix of music, digital projection art and fantasy.” Watch the video below to see it in action–

advection | robert seidel | projection on a water fountain | lichtsicht biennale 2013/2014 from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.


New PATH Concourse under 1 WTC

Downtown NYC has a pretty exciting (IMO) piece of new architecture that opened up last week. It is underground. Despite what Banksy may think of 1 WTC (which I think is kinda stupid, and I’m kinda glad that BOTI is over), the beauty lies beneath. I first walked through the newly opened concourse the day that it opened. I was so impressed that I had to go back with a real camera to document. The tunnel connects World Financial Center to the PATH station at WTC. You can enter at both WFC and just outside of Seven World Trade. More looks–

usb rechargeable bookman bike lights

I currently use the original iteration of the Bookman bike light. In NYC, cyclists are actually required by law to use a light while riding at night. Although the Bookman lights don’t provide a lot of illumination, they do increase your visibility to others and are easy to mount (and remove when you lock up). They have three lighting modes: solid, and two speeds of blinking.

I have been so happy with mine, that I’m already on my second set. On the current version, it is easier to replace the entire unit, than it is to replace the battery when it dies. Apparently the design folks at Bookman took this into account with their recently announced upgrade, which will be rechargeable via USB. The rechargeable model is scheduled to be available in the US around August of this year.


Evolution of the BMW M3 short docu

In college, I had a friend who owned a 90-something M3. It was that color of yellow that I felt like pretty much every M3 in that era was painted. I was kind of obsessed with the car (until I discovered the Audi S4, hehe). Anyway, I came across this video today and I thought it was pretty cool to see how the design has changed on M3 over the years.



I want this– hush felt pod

I came across this gem on Complex, over the weekend. I love it, and I want one. Here is the lowdown-

If you live in a crowded urban center, you may not even remember the last time you were alone in a space of solitary bliss. Overpopulation is a growing issue on our planet, and to propose a new way of enjoying privacy, British designer Freyja Sewell has envisioned Hush, a felt pod that fits just one. Three years since she first conceived of the design, the private pod is now available for purchase.

Hush is entirely biodegradable, using a single piece of industrial wool felt for its main construction and recycled wool fibers collected from British carpet manufacturers for its internal padding. The environmentally friendly build ensures a positive attitude from its occupant as it provides a private space for work, meditation, a nap, or any casual chilling. Now you can create your own space anywhere by setting up camp in the midst of any busy social activity, but be careful not to become antisocial


Mr. Jones gets the ‘last laugh’

I’m really digging the ‘last laugh’ watch by Mr. Jones. I came across these gems on CH this week. Cool Hunting on the details:

Mr. Jones that sport hour and minute readouts on the bare teeth of human skulls. The hour marking on the upper teeth uses a “jump hour” feature that flips the time over on the hour while the minutes cycle clockwise below, a capability that is especially impressive considering that the watches run on 20 jewel automatic mechanical movements rather than batteries.


Audi gets one step closer to making the ‘Tron’ car a production vehicle

Okay, full disclosure: I am a huge Audi fan. So, I understand that my take on this is a bit biased. Anyway, these are some images of the new lighting system that Audi debuted this week in Vegas as the CES. I think that the direction they are moving in is incredibly cool, whether it ever bleeds into an actual production model or not. Read the full story on this new lighting system on Design Boom.



Catlike Mixino helmet

Well.. I finally found a helmet that I think that I would actually wear. It is the ‘Mixino’ by Catlike. I love the murdered out flat-black. Yes, I realized that it is a less than practical way to keep one’s head cool on a hot summer day. But, for the moment we are just discussing aesthetics. Anyway, I can’t find anywhere in the US that sells this helmet. I could order from this shop in the UK, but I am a bit nervous about what the final price would be after shipping any everything.

I am actually riding again, btw. Had a lovely trek over the Wburg Bridge on Saturday morning. Thinking about firing up Trixie for commuting again, now that the days are starting to get longer again.

portable fireplace

I would love to get one of these. One of the things that I miss about living in the suburbs is being able to have a fireplace. Nothing like a blazing fire on cold nights to boost the cozy-factor. I have actually been frequenting a place in Brooklyn recently, almost solely for the fact that it has a giant fireplace (never mind the fact that I always come away smelling like camp fire).

Anyway, this model in modern design seems to be the solution. Designed by Holly & Martin, the portable fireplace runs on gel, and can be used indoor or outdoor.


Sauna Box– portable sauna

How awesome is this self contained ‘Sauna Box’? I could totally go for one of these today. It is plenty chilly outside, and I wouldn’t mind sweating away some of the winter stress next to the coals. Designed by Castor, this sauna is built into a half length shipping container, and can theoretically be transported anywhere. Comes ready to go with all of the following:

solar panels providing the power and a wood-burning stove. Features include a red cedar interior, integrated iPod stereo, electric guitar hookup, Castor stool, a magnetic truck light, and bronze antlers


corrugated cardboard bike helmet

In an apparent effort to get as fat as possible between now and March, I have virtually ceased all cycling activities. I seriously think that I have only ridden 3 or 4 times since the hurricane. That doesn’t stop me from perving on cool biking gear that I see online. I came across this awesome helmet by Ani Surabhi earlier this week. He calls it “Kranium.”

Surabhi developed the helmet as a student at the Royal College of Art. The guts of the helmet are made from corrugated cardboard. In addition to looking ridiculously cool, the helmet can absorb up to three times the the impact as traditional styrofoam helmets.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) helmets are proven to protect your head only 20% of the time. The Kranium liner has proven to absorb 3 times the amount of impact energy during collision. At the same time, it is 15% lighter than Polystyrene helmets. EPS helmets are made from petroleum based products where are the Kranium liner is made from recycled paper. They have been tested at several test labs across the globe, including TUV in Germany and HPE in the UK. They have been developed for mass production and will be available in the market in December 2012.

Check out the full article on Core77 to learn about how Surabhi initially got the idea from studying woodpeckers. If you are as nerdy as me, you will find it fascinating.


If you aren’t into the cardboard look, there is always this option.