Some NYFW fun

I have decided to shoot a lot less this time around. I’m enjoying it more. Spending more time just effing around with my friends (see above). Have a great weekend.

nyfw is all upons

I’m kind of freaking out that Fashion Week is already here again. It is going to be a little bit different for me this week, than it has been in the past. I can’t just duck out of the day job for the duration and shoot everything that I feel like. Nope. In fact, I will probably only be covering a handful of shows. I’m excited, just the same. I’m most looking forward to Band of Outsiders on Saturday.

As a side note, my 7D had it’s first error on Saturday night. It was the dreaded “err 30.” It is an error that happens when the shutter gets stuck open. After doing a lot of reading on Canon forums, I gave the camera a solid smack, then took the battery out, and reinstalled it. It appears to be working like normal again. Phew! I feel like it is pretty amazing that I have gone this long without having any errors. The shutter has well over 50k actuations, and I haven’t had it serviced a single time. I think that I may have to drop her off for a tune-up, once FW is out of the way.