two story red head by Bezt, in Vienna

I’m seriously digging this new piece in Austria by Bezt (from Etam Cru). Especially, I love the subtlety of the fish.

In other news, Banksy put up a pretty dramatic piece in the LES today. It is my favorite so far, from his ‘better out than in’ campaign. The funny part is that he took down a Hot Tea piece that used to be on that gate. What is also funny, is that I snapped a photo in that same alley earlier this year.

[image via]

hot tea and spring st.

I snapped the above shot on Saturday night on Spring St. The artist is Hot Tea. I’m a huge fan of his yarn spun creations. One of the first Hot Tea pieces that I ever saw was the one below, almost exactly a year ago. It was up for less than a week before someone destroyed it. Hoping that the one above sticks around for a bit longer.