bike hill bike

I switched things up a bit this morning. Part of the training program that I’m using calls for hill reps. The only problem with that is there are not any hills nearby. So I decided to utilize the ones in the north end of Central Park. There is a great spot on the west side of the 125th St. Transverse where you can alternate between the hill on the transverse, and the hill on Park Drive West. Since the park is a few miles from where I live, I thought I would ride my bike to the park then run the hills. Riding in rush hour up 8th Ave. was a great way to wake up quickly and also warm up.

I didn’t wear the Nike+ SportWatch during this morning’s workout. One thing that it does not have (that I wish could be incorporated eventually) is a way to denote cycling vs. running on the dashboard. You could def wear the watch cycling, but it would throw all of your running stats off. The Garmin tool does give users the option to distinguish the type of activity that is being logged. For example the workout above I logged as cyclocross (since it was a mix of running and cycling). Even though it wasn’t truly cyclocross, when I run a report on my stats, it will be distinguished from my running, and regular cycling. I did rock the FuelBand though.

After running hills, the ride home was a bit interesting. It took a couple of downhill coasts to get my quads to recover. It also made the ride into work a bit slower than normal, which is fine (because: less sweat).

nike+ sportwatch maiden voyage

Marathon training officially started for me Monday. Thk goodness it was only a 3mi. jaunt. I’m not sure that I would have been up for much more. I’m logging the next 17 weeks over here. What’s more, is that I’ll be reviewing the Nike+ SportWatch side by side with the Garmin Forerunner 410. Yes, I will be wearing a GPS device on each wrist 6 days a week for the next 17 weeks. I’m sure that I’m going to get some interesting looks. I should also make it very clear from the get-go that neither Garmin or Nike is giving me any incentive to write this review/comparison. I should also say that everything that I write is going to be my opinion based on my experience with the devices, and there is no scientific methodology involved.

Let’s get started with a few of the things that I really liked about the SportWatch right off the bat. As you might recall from this post, I have become slightly obsessed with Nike Fuel. As I also stated in that post, the Nike+ SportWatch also measures Fuel. I also love the display on the SportWatch. Oversized numbers are boss. I have always been a fan of the Nike+ user dashboard. I like it even better since it was recently redesigned. Checkout the screenshot of the new Nike+ running dashboard below:

fuel band update

You may recall me mentioning this little gadget a few weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical about its accuracy, how much I would actually wear it after the promo period, etc.. Well, here we are nearly two months later and I really only remove it to shower and charge it. I’m referring to my Nike+ Fuelband. I am a bit of a gadgetwhore, this is true. But I really believe that my fuelband has caused me to be more conscientious about how active I am during the day. On top of that, the pedometer appears to be pretty accurate, despite not having a foot pod (like the sportband). What is more, is that Nike recently melded the Nike+ Running dashboard with the Fuel dashboard. I have it on good authority that new new sport watches will also be measuring the “Fuel” metric. Even if all of it is smoke and mirrors, I can’t deny the extra motivation that I get from seeing the numbers and graphs go up when I have an active day. Also, my daughter loves pressing the button and watching the LEDs light up.

happy friday

I have been tapped by HS to cover Nike’s NFL draft events this weekend. As a result, I will be rocking my new Fuel Band. So, I’ll let you know how that goes. Or, you can follow @highsnobiety on instagram to get some up to the minute action this evening and tomorrow. Here is a shot of my virigin dashboard below.

In addition to the draft activities this weekend, I have another race on Sunday morning. I will also be location scouting for an upcoming shoot that I’m pretty excited about. The weather is supposed to cooperate for all of the above. So, I’m kind of excited to get this weekend going. Have a good one.

Running Monks

Apologies in advance if I get a little bit heavy on the running posts for the next several weeks. Both of my fall marathons are on my mind pretty much all of the time, right now. Anyway, I came across this video today. Although it is a promo for theĀ 2011 Fall/Winter collection of UNDERCOVER’s collaboration with Nike and the GYAKUSOU range, I love the idea. I love the cinematography, and it really does make me feel happy to be a runner. Plus, monks and Japan are awesome. Check the vid, below.