A rainy day with os gemeos

Os Gemeos published a pretty cool piece on their blog this week. If is a brief video of them discussing their sketch books. The talk about everything from inspiration, to what they use to draw with, to how they choose what clothing to give the figures they draw. Caveat: it is in Portuguese. The video is titled “Um dia de chuva,” which means “A day of rain” Check it–


New Shepard Fairey print “sedation pill”

I’m into this new print by Shepard Fairey. It is titled “Sedation Pill.” The print is apparently inspired by hip hop legends Public Enemy. Fairey explains:

The “Sedation Pill” print is inspired by the title of my favorite Public Enemy album “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”. I think the biggest problem in America is the indifference and complacency about important issues that results from much of the population being perpetually hypnotized by conspicuous consumption, social media, entertainment, and self-medication. Using sedation and escapism for relief from the rat race might make us less aware (blissfully ignorant)  but also less empowered to improve our role within the rat race… a vicious cycle of cause and effect.


12 oz. Prophet in India

True, we are only in January. But, this is hands down the coolest graff video of 2013, so far. I actually saw it posted on Os Gemeos’ blog. Watch Ise and Finok of the 12 oz. Prophet collective create free-hand roller and brush pieces in India, some of them while standing on a boat that is pushed against the wall. This video is as much about the craziness of India, as it is about putting up the art (in fact there isn’t a single frame of any of the finished work). Watch the mesmerizing vid below-


massive sea turtle mural in Argentina by Martin Ron

I don’t know much of the back story on this one. I pulled it from a post that Graff Art ran a couple of weeks ago. They pulled it from a Facebook page. Anyway, I really dig the piece. Apparently it is by Martin Ron, and it exists in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I remember the first time that I ever saw one of these turtles in the wild. It scared the living bejeebus out of me until I realized what it was. Since then, they have become one of my favorite amphibians. Check out more images of the work over on Graff.

Update: Checkout an interview that Martin Ron did with Buenos Aires Street Art, over here.


new work from Mentalgassi

I really like this recent stuff from Mentalgassi. I have written about his style before. These two photos went up on his blog earlier this week. Like Roa, Bansksy, Blu, and so many other successful street artists, Mentalgassi is very good at making his art interact with its location. I think that the RC controller might be my favorite of the two.


New El Mac ‘Birds of no Nation”

Mac posted some new work on his blog recently. This was a commissioned celebrating a woman graffiti writer from Afghanistan. Mac explains the piece:

These are shots of a large mural-sized canvas commissioned for the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial in Australia, which opens this weekend. It is a collaboration with Shamsia Hassani and the Propeller Group. Shamsia Hassani is the first and probably only serious female graffiti writer in Afghanistan, and is also an associate professor in the Fine Arts Department at Kabul University.


Herakut Mural in Miami

More news from Miami: I’m really digging this mural that Herakut put up earlier this week (presumably in connection with Basel). In addition to being a dope piece, this long exposure photo of it is boss. I love the way they captured the clouds moving.

I hate to say it, but I was pretty underwhelmed by the mural the Shepard Fairey put up for the event. I’m normally very keen on just about anything that SF touches. More images of the Herakut piece, here.


New Vhils in London

Vhils has been a regular globe trotter, lately. Last month he was putting up in Brazilian favelas. He has already turned around an put up the piece above in London for an exhibition that he opened there this week. I love the unique way that he transforms existing media (usually stucco or plaster on a wall) into these intricate large scale portraits. There was also some work that he did a few years ago where he used flame to scorch a portrait onto a wall in a dilapidated building. Click through to complex to see the rest of the photos of the new London piece.


El Mac on the Adobe Campus in Utah

El Mac is back at it with this new commissioned piece in the Adobe Campus located in Utah. It is so new that it isn’t even showing up on Mac’s site yet. I came across this Image, and several others on Arrested Motion, courtesy of Wes Colton. I had the pleasure of Meeting Mac and shooting him at work when he showed at Liner, back in 2010. I am a huge fan of his work, and of him as a person. I am hoping to check out this new piece in person next time I find myself in SLC.


Street Art by Ethos

I came across these fresh new pieces by Ethos on Boooooom!, the other day. There are a few things that I really like about Claudio Ethos. I really like the scale of his outdoor work. He goes reaaaallly big. I also like the aesthetic that the he creates by distorting reality. I once heard beauty described as a strangeness in proportion. I think that Ethos accomplishes that in his work.


banksy’s olympic commentary

The last round of Banksy work that cropped up had me a little bit disenchanted. But I have to say that I’m a fan of the Olympic commentary that popped up this week. I love the mattress placement in the one below.