short weeks are boss

One of the best parts about long weekends, are the ensuing/preceding short weeks. What ends up happening is that a week’s worth of activities end up getting condensed into a four days. One of said activities that I happen to be looking forward to, is a race on Thursday. It is the AHA Wall Street 3 Mile Race. I have run this race a few times. It is kind of unique opportunity to be able to compete in a road race that weaves through the canyons of the Financial District.  I’m just hoping for good weather. Mama Nature is in full spring mode in these parts. Today was scorching sun and blazing heat/humidity, until about 7ish, when I snapped the photo above. Since that time, the wind and clouds have given way to torrential rain.

For anyone itching to read more of my pointless disorganized thoughts, I also posted this today.