it’s kinda cold

I guess that we have been kind of spoiled in NYC for the past few winters. Though there were some cold days and some snow, it wasn’t consistently cold the way it has been this winter for several years. I say this because the last time I remember seeing ice flow like this on the Hudson was in 2010. I snapped these pics last Friday evening in north cove marina. At eventide, the ice expands a good 50′ from the bank.


timelapse snow storm vid

During that little snow storm that we had last week, I decided to make a timelapse video. I taped a GoPro Hero 3 to my window and let it run. Unfortunately the card only holds 9 hours worth of video at 1080p. I started shooting around 7 PM. So it cut off before it got light outside. But, it is still mildly entertaining (imo).


New York City– January 2, 2014 Blizzard Timelapse on West 30th Street from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

first snowfall

Over the weekend New York City had its first snow storm that actually left behind any accumulation. I’m not sure what it is about this event that makes it so great. The fact that it happened on a weekend made it extra nice. It is kind of like a magical slap in the face driving home the fact that winter is here.

It literally snowed all day on Saturday. I took the opportunity for a quick walk in the park first thing in the morning. Most of the photos that I took were mental images. But these are a couple of images that I took with a camera. Also saw this today and found it amusing.

portable fireplace

I would love to get one of these. One of the things that I miss about living in the suburbs is being able to have a fireplace. Nothing like a blazing fire on cold nights to boost the cozy-factor. I have actually been frequenting a place in Brooklyn recently, almost solely for the fact that it has a giant fireplace (never mind the fact that I always come away smelling like camp fire).

Anyway, this model in modern design seems to be the solution. Designed by Holly & Martin, the portable fireplace runs on gel, and can be used indoor or outdoor.