weekend recap


I had a pretty low key weekend with plenty of family and friend time. Saturday, I blew off running altogether (which tends to be very easy to do during rain storms). But I did bang out thirteen miles on Sunday night. It was a beautiful night, temp-wise. Also, it reminded me how enjoyable it can be to run after the sun goes down.

Next weekend I will be in Huntington Beach. I have a 14mi. run scheduled on Sunday. For some reason it is always a challenge for me to put in long miles when I’m traveling. I’m not saying it won’t happen. I’m just saying it might be tricky. Have a great week!

[photo: Trix doing her thing in SoHo]

happy friday


I can’t believe that this is the last weekend in July. This summer has gone by waaaaaayyyyy too quickly. I had a relatively productive week. I only missed one run (because of rain), and I think that I may be able to make it up tonight. Unlikely though, being that it is Friday. Hahaha. I included a couple of Photos from Wednesday eve. Seize sur Vignt had a party to preview their lineup for next spring/summer. My favorite image of the evening is actually the one above. I loved this nameless party guest’s hair. It is like, the picture perfect quintessential bob. She has awesome color, too. Anyway, a couple of images of the actually SSV clothing below. More over here.

One of my close friends moved back to NYC from Florence, this week. Getting stoked to hangout together this weekend. Other than that, hoping to keep it mellow and knock out some running. Have a great weekend!

2012-shotbyjake-com-1478 2012-shotbyjake-com-1469

happy friday


Not really a happy Friday at all, actually. It is dreary out. The weather, coupled with the news of the tragedy in Aurora CO last night has cast quite a gloomy shroud over this Friday. It’s days like this where you just kinda have to be grateful for those who are close to you. I thought it was appropriate to post  an image of my favorite Steve Powers (ESPO) prints, above. The sentiment there just kinda sums things up sometimes.

weekend recap


The past weekend ended up being a bust for the most part. I started feeling a cold coming on Friday night. By Saturday morning I could barely breathe. The only productive thing that I did all weekend was snapping some test shots (above) with my friend Bridget who was in town from California. I slept basically all day on Sunday and did zero running. I am feeling a bit better this morning. I ended up riding my bike to work. But I don’t want to press my luck. So I’m going to hold off with the running until at least Wed. One more shot from the weeekend–


happy friday


Oh, man. It has been a rough week. I’m still getting over the lag from last week. It doesn’t help that I have had something scheduled every night this week. Last night I shot a party at the Burton store in SoHo. It is closing for renovation, so they were trying to dump inventory. It was a good time, except for the fact that I am also starting to come down with a cold or something. So, I was sneezing my face off. I’m hoping that it is short-lived and that I can feel snappy again tomorrow morning, especially since I have a race in CP. A couple more images from last night–

2012-shotbyjake-com-2712 2012-shotbyjake-com-2897

Have a great weekend!