weekend recap

I’m a bit lagged and still winding down from the trip to AK. There was so much to look at up there. I’m not sure if I will ever make it through everything that I shot. These images are from a sort-of buoy boneyard. I loved the way that they were just stacked on the side of the road.

Anyway, I flew all day Saturday and lost 4 hours. Sunday, I was able to unpack and squeeze in a bike ride (in which my friend wrecked very hard and messed up his bike). It is definitely going to take me a little bit of time to settle back into reality.

Have a great week!

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  1. I hope Casey is okay or whoever it was that wrecked. That is not fun at all. All thought I was telling Anna that I would always rather have a scar or cut on me from a bike then from a self inflicted knife accident or nail or some lame scenario.

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