audio goodness– Jamie XX vs. Adele

You may recall the post on LMC back in June featuring an XX track from the collab album with GSH. Well, I thought it was appropriate to post another Jamie XX track this week, seeing how Jamie XX was rocking the turntables for Sunday’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. I have listened to the entire set back to back, twice since Sunday morning. The track that I’m sharing today wasn’t actually part of the essential mix. It is a spin that XX put on Adele’s “Rolling in the deep.” One of the reasons that I love his style so much, is because I feel that electronica (especially house), tends to get so busy and muddled. I love the way that XX keeps it distilled down enough that you can hear the different elements that he uses. Anyway, here is the track.


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  1. Jakie pie, do you know if this is on iTunes? I couldn’t find it and I’m so obsessed. I’ve made this page a favorite so I can keep coming back to listen to it…

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