I have never been able to successfully shoot lightning… until tonight. I mean, at least marginally successfully. These images aren’t blowing my mind or anything. But they are definitely better than the crap that I have captured in the past. When I walked in the door from this evening’s run, the whole hallway lit up. Then it happened again like 3 times, before I even got to the bedroom. So, without even changing out of my nasty sweaty running garb, I grabbed a cam and a tripod and scurried up to the roof (which I hear is one of the smartest places to be in a lightning storm). Anyway, the flashes were so frequent and consistently located, that it was almost like shooting fish in a barrel. When the storm started to move more directly overhead, I felt like it was time to call it quits and retreat. Here is one more shot of a lightning illuminated cloud.

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  1. Sweet photos Jake. Your comment about being on the roof being a safe place made me chuckle. Last night I was on the phone with my mom and there was some loud thunder. She said, “You don’t have an umbrella do you??? I don’t want you to get hit by lightning!” I died laughing. Yes, on the ground, in Lincoln Center, I’m the most likely thing to get hit with my umbrella.

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