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This morning was my first race, in what seems like ages. It was also the first time that I have run in about a week and a half. I was feeling pretty sloppy when I woke up this morning, and actually dreading getting over to the park. But, once I picked up my number and I started to relax a bit, and really get excited to run. I initially planned on taking it easy, since I had taken so much time off. However, I have learned about myself that it is almost impossible for me to take it easy on race day, even if the race is just to boost my 9+1 stats. I was definitely happy with my time. I finished 111 out of 1883. I could see the pace truck for the first mile (which I clocked a 6:02 by the course clock/6:11 by my watch). My pace was only a few seconds slower than my fastest recorded race at New York Road Runners (which I admit is really not that fast [but it feels fast for me, ok!?]). I’m going to chalk it up to my lucky number 44. Kind of cool, right? .. finishing a 4 mile race as number 44, in 111th place. I’m no numerologist, but I’m amused by the repeating digits.

One good thing that came from this race, is that I remembered how magical it is to run in the fall weather. I spent the whole summer sweating and slugging it out with the heat and humidity. I almost forgot what it feels like to breath that chilly fall air, and the way it makes my lungs tingle. This race definitely lifted me out of my mental running funk (for today, anyway) and got me really excited about my fall running.

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  1. Not that fast?? Shut it! But yeah, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m like two feet tall, so that won’t mean much coming from me. Way to run!

  2. @Kari: Dude, I know what you mean. But believe me, I will always feel inadequate when I’m toeing up against so many dudes who consistently run a sub 5:45 pace. There are some incredible athletes in NYRR. I wish that I was one of them. I guess that it is why it is so good to just focus on on my personal progress and try not to compare myself to the next guy.

  3. Another good thing that came from this race is that you reminded me how much I like to run in the fall weather. Thanks for the inspiration, congrats on what sounds like a great race.

  4. Awesome!
    Yesterday I ran the Susan G. Komen race. It’s the only one I’ve ever done and I do it every year. It was such perfect running weather. Seriously beats the summer heat and humidity.

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