audio goodness– fever ray

Remember The Knife? Yeah– that Swedish brother and sister electronica outfit. Well, we were at a party in the West Village weekend before last and met a super cool group of Swedish girls. One of them was dressed in a jump suit, and was apparently going to be shooting Mary J. Blige the following Monday for some British publication, hahahaha. One of the first things that I asked these Swedish ladies, is if they were into The Knife. Their response was basically a polite “duh.” Anyway, the “sister” component of the duo that comprises The Knife, calls herself Fever Ray (real name– Karin Dreijer Andersson). She is totally bad a$$. I feel like some of Fever Ray‘s tracks definitely have a menacing lining to them. So, what better artist to share the week before Halloween? PS, that image above is one of her tamer ones. I’m telling you, she is hardcore (do a google image search). Anyway, I really like this track. It’s called “I’m not done.” Check it.


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