audio goodness- frank black

The Pixies have always been one of my very favorite bands. “Doolittle” was one of the first CDs that I ever owned, when CDs first hit the market. Remember they came in those big long boxes to try to prevent theft? Anyway, I was just starting to learn bass guitar at the time, so the tracks on “Doolittle” were some of the first ones that I would play along with. Frank Black A/K/A Black Francis, as we all know, is the front man of The Pixies. I followed him pretty closely for his first few solo albums. Then, I started really getting into hip hop for a while, and kind of lost touch was was going on in the world of alt rock. Wellllaahhhh, I was at the Tony Hawk vert jam, a few weeks ago and the DJ put on “Los Angeles.” At first, I was totally thrown. I was like, “I know and love this song. Why haven’t I heard it for 15 years?” I went straight home that day and dug up all of my old Frank Black. It was just as good as I remembered. Enjoy “Los Angeles.”


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