Chicago Marathon

I had a fantastic time in Chicago hanging out with my friends Carl and Becca, as well as reconnecting with my friends Mike and Jeni. The weather was fantastic. Ok, actually it was a bit on the warm side, in the context of distance running. Anyway, I scored a 3:32. Not my best time, but certainly not my worst. I paced with the 3:20 group until around 18 or so, when it really started to get warm. At the time I was was also starting to have a lot of knee pain. So I decided not to kill myself, and that I would settle for a time under 3:30, which didn’t happen. Hahahaha. I guess it has just been a mediocre year generally for me, when it comes to running. At least now the pressure is off for the New York Marathon.

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  1. Well, that’s only about….22 minutes over your original goal! Whoop…?!

    Seriously. Totally respectable time. You’re running freaking marathons! Definitely awesome. 🙂

  2. That still rocks! You did great, most Americans wouldn’t come close but I know it is disappointing to not meet a desired goal.

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