photohunt- my nasty kitchen sink

In a lot of first world areas, people have in house appliances called dish washers. In NYC (which can be pretty 3rd world at times), dishwashers and disposals are the exception, not the norm. It’s because of antiquated and ailing infrastructure. Until not too many years ago, NYC sewers could not support such newfangled devices.  Anyway, here is a shot of my dishwasher. There are 5 differences… go!

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  1. 1. soap out of blk dish at left
    2. label off pump soap
    3. red pump soap in 2cd. pic
    4. suds over the top in vase at left
    5. suds on pink sponge

    I win a bamboo keyboard, right?

    Both you and Reagan have a brilliant Thursday!
    xo, misha

  2. It amuses me that I live in a teeny flat in London, and have the exact same dish washing brush that you guys do.

    Ikea ftw!

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