keith haring at the brooklyn museum

Last Thursday, a new exhibit opened at the Brooklyn Museum featuring the art of Keith Haring. Some friends and I attended the member preview. It was pretty cool. Definitely check it out if you are in the area.

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  1. jake…it has been too long since i’ve checked up on you and reagan. sounds like things are going well (well, at least in cyber land)

    i love keith haring. maybe i’ll win a round trip ticket to NYC this summer. psych!

  2. Hi jake..
    Love the way you’ve photographed the black and white ‘aboriginal art’ looking picture through the wall :-)…looks cool.
    I was just at Reagans Blob…:-(..I feel sad for her..could you hug her for me..?..even though I am a complete stranger :-)…

  3. You are the swankiest photog I’ve seen. And I am another complete stranger that wants you to go hug that Reagan girl.

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