the post office

I snapped this shot with my phone on the way to the subway yesterday morning. I’m having a lot of existential thoughts/feelings lately. Perhaps because of that, this is a really powerful image to me at the moment.

Shifting gears– The weather is beautiful today. The sky is blue and I didn’t need a jacket this morning. Simple pleasures can be clutch.

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  1. I like the shot. It’s a great depiction of your current situation. Sittin in the floodlight with darkness all around. Gah. So so sad to read Reagan’s posts alluding to the two of you going separate ways. I’m praying for you both.

  2. Regardless of where you are in your life I think a picture like this is powerful you really have an eye for this stuff. So many people just shoot nice buildings and things already finished but youalways seem to add that little touch with your pictures. Without the guy sitting right in the spot of sun this would be just a building. But it is now a feeling, even if you feel alone your not, just call.
    and I’ll come running because you taught me how 🙂

  3. Great shot! My husband works at the Post Office in Seattle so wherever we travel we find the local P.O. & take pictures. Nerd alert, right?! We do have a picture of this one but it is not as nice as yours. Enjoy the sunshine, be well.

  4. I love that he is sitting right there in the sunny patch. That’s how I feel here in Canada where the sun seems to be taking its sweet time to come out these days.

    Existentialism is boss. (I feel like a fraud writing that because I never talk that way.)

  5. He’s hunched over…in the spotlight…
    Beautiful building.

    Great photo. 🙂 man its just amazing what the camera can see…

  6. Wow. Love this. I can’t stop thinking about this adorable Brienholt family! I pray for nothing but the best for the three of you. Chin up and yay for blue sky and warm sunshine!

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