weekend recap

Above –^ is what most of the day looked like on Sunday. However, there was a sweet spot in the early AM when the rain Gods spared 7000+ runners a wet and miserable race.

Sort of funny story (in retrospect)– The race started at 8. So, I was going to try to be at the CP band shell by 7:30 to pick up my #/ locate some friends, and casually make my way to the starting line. I was standing on the C train platform in Penn by 5 after 7. This should have given me scads of time to accomplish all of the previously stated activities. After waiting for 20 mins for the train (and having none in sight all of the way down the tunnel), I started to panic a bit. I didn’t bring anything with me but a metrocard, or else I would have just grabbed a cab. I decided that it would probably take the same amount of time to walk back to the apt. and get cash/jump in a cab, as it would to just run to CP. So I opted for a 2.5 mile warm up, hahahaha. There was hardly any traffic on 8th Ave. So, I just rocked the bus lane all of the way uptown. I arrived at the registration tent just in time to slap on my number while walking to the start chute. All things told, it worked out perfectly. Here are my stats–

Last Name First Name Sex/
Bib Team City State Country Overall
Breinholt Jacob M35 94 NYRC NEW YORK NY USA 395 365 80 0:26:59 06:45

In the post finish I ran into all of my teammates and a bunch of other homeys that I hadn’t seen for a long time. We exchanged sweaty hugs and chatted until we were shivering before dispersing to our respective destinations. It was raining by the time that I came back above ground 25 blocks later. Bonus= the apples were delicious.

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  1. So I always drive to my office with my running clothes in my car and somewhere around lunch time I bring them inside and put them under my desk and then somewhere around 6pm I take them out from their spot and put them back in my car and drive home. Any motivational tips? I used to be a running fiend but lately I’d just rather sit still.

  2. Hey Jake! Just spent a good chunk of time catching up on your blog again! Your pictures are amazing as always…i always leave your blog wanting to go to NY!!

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