lions tigers and bears


Tuesday started off with a hike through the Tongass Forest. It is a temperate rain forest, and the largest rain forest in the world, aside from the Amazon. You’re welcome for the factoid. Hahah.

In the evening we did some ziplining with Alaska Canopy Adventures. It was bananas. We literally zipped from tree top to tree top. I felt like I was in the Ewok village or something. Here is a POV shot of my feet zipping at about 35 mph toward the final platform.

Tori, Jessie and Sarah on one of the platforms:

After zipping we went on a bear walk. We walked out to an area where we has seen some bears earlier in the week. I knew there was one nearby, because I could hear one growling. As I was hanging over some railing trying to see farther down the river, I heard my sister choking out the words “there is a mama bear and her cub right over your head.” I looked up and saw this:

I was able to snap a couple of shots as we were retreating, including this one of her manicured paw.

Sarah snapped this one of me getting the image at the top of this post.

Let’s not forget the barn cats. They followed us the whole time we were walking around this boardwalk.

Capped off the evening with some warm-up-lap fireworks courtesy of my sister’s neighbors.

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  1. Dude I imagine you are going to need to take a vacation to have time to edit all the photos you are taking. It’s also pretty cool to have a shot of yourself doing what you love(photography) with an awesome view around you. Glad you are taking it all in!

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