weekend recap

There weren’t many bloggable events that occurred over the last weekend. I have been in a bit of a slump. I think that maybe part of it is the lack of exercise catching up to me from the protracted period of being sick, and having rain every day. It is a vicious cycle. The less I workout, the harder it is to get motivated to workout, the deeper in the slump I fall.

Anyway, I had kind of exhausted all excuses not to run, by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, and decided to pick back up with my training. I looked at the wrong week on my chart and ended up running 13 miles when I was only slated to do 8. I’m not upset about it. I was able to get some sun. I let my mind wander. It would have been a lot more enjoyable if I didn’t have so many heavy topics on my brain right now. But it was still a really good run.

Sunday evening I attended a get-together in the Yard at the SoHo Grand. It was a kickoff event for one of the men’s fashion trade shows that is happening this week. I snapped a couple of quick iPhone images (keeping it gritty), which are basically the only shots I took all weekend. The photo at the top is a video presentation that Lacoste had looping at the party. The image below is Trixie tied up outside of the SG, with two girls smoking in the background. Hoping for a good week.

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