Paintings by Zofia Bogusz

Zofia Bogusz’s name is almost as badass as her painting is. I discovered her work recently on Jux. There are several elements that strike me about her work. One thing that I particularly like is that a lot of her work ends up painted onto wood. I spent quite a while flipping through her website the other day. I was bummed out to discover that she recently had a solo exhibit in Chelsea, and I totally missed it. Browse more of her work over here.


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  1. Thank you for the feature Jake’s Mag!

    Various artists use ships in their work. The nautical themes in my work represent my affinity for the water, as well as my experiences in both swimming and surfing. The Atlantic Ocean is especially symbolic in my life as it is the body of water between my current home (NYC) and where I migrated from as a child (Poland). My painting “off the boat” is a visual representation of the life changing journey across the sea
    In my painting “the republic” I put in a modern navy ship, but that’s a story for another time.

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