I took a break from the frozen tundra of NYC to visit Las Vegas over a long super bowl weekend. It is always fun to pal around with locals. Instead of hanging out on the strip, I spent my time there exploring the old grittier side of the city. I saw friends, made some new friends, and just generally enjoyed the desert.

happy friday

Above- Parra at the opening of his solo show at Levine gallery last night. Below- Snowy Park Ave this morning.

Foggy Weekend


Sunday afternoon I took a drive up the Hudson. I’m kicking myself now, for not bringing a real camera. The fog and spitting rain (coupled with the unseasonably warm temp) made the Hudson valley seem otherworldly. Here are a few snaps that I got with the celly.



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Last post of 2014

These are some snaps from last week when my sister and her fam were in town for xmas. We palled around together for the whole week. The kids in the photos are my nieces.

My sis took this one of me and my niece–

Stuffs from Turkey Day

^–My brother and Wally.

I almost didn’t make it out west for Thanksgiving this year. Airfare was a bit outrageous when I first started looking in August. Thanks to Kayak’s price alerts, I was able to snatch up a relatively last minute flight for a decent price. I think that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Interestingly enough, I heard several of my friends echo this sentiment during the weeks leading up to the holiday this year. Various reasons were given.. because it is non-religious, because it is during the fall, etc.. I’m not really sure why I like it so much. I had a really good one this year. I was able to see my parents as well as each of my siblings. I was also able to meet my newest niece. There are few things that are as satisfying as spending time with my peoples.

^—Newest Niece having granny time with Ma B.

From Ze Weekend

I shot this show on Palomino Island. I lost my wallet, and got really sunburnt. Also, I had fun. If you find my wallet please mail it to me.

Sweaty gross sunburnt photo of me below by: @iamisser



Mo from the weekend

We managed to hit golden hour perfectly on both days of shooting. The snaps of me were taken by Thomas Welch. The rest are by me.

Yes, I tried on a bucket hat.

Deep BK

Esp was into this piece by Swampy. That thing was huge. Props. I also snapped some crap this weekend with the 5D (yeah, brought it out of retirement). I’ll prob put them up nxt week before Bermuda.

snaps de la weekend

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I had a b-day over the weekend, and went on a bit of an instagram tear. And although I brought my real camera with me, I didn’t use it even once. As much as I hate posting crappy iPhone photos on here, I’m doing it anyway.

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I found out sort of last minute that I wasn’t going to have to work on Columbus Day. I didn’t have enough miles to go anywhere fancy, but wanted to get out of the city. I ended up booking a quick trip to Buffalo NY. I have friends up there, and I had never been. It ended up being a really fun time. Here are a few snaps.