favorite images of 2013 part 1

In going back through the stuff that I shot in 2013, one thing has become very apparent– With the exception of NYFW in February, I am much more prolific in the warmer months. It isn’t that I’m not shooting in the winter. I’m just uninspired and not as active. Anyway, I have decided to pad this new full width layout with some of the favorite images that I snapped in 2013. I’ll do it in a couple of installations. This is the first.



timelapse snow storm vid

During that little snow storm that we had last week, I decided to make a timelapse video. I taped a GoPro Hero 3 to my window and let it run. Unfortunately the card only holds 9 hours worth of video at 1080p. I started shooting around 7 PM. So it cut off before it got light outside. But, it is still mildly entertaining (imo).


New York City– January 2, 2014 Blizzard Timelapse on West 30th Street from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

happy new year!

I’m not going to lie– I was not sad to see the sun set on 2013. It was a tough year for this kid. Here’s looking forward to a fantastic 2014!

merry christmas!

This image is from a series that I did in 2010. Some friends and I went around one night and did long exposures of every Christmas tree that we could think of in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This particular one is directly under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO. I did a 30~ second shutter while we ran laps around the tree with sparklers. It is still one of my favorite holiday images. Merry Christmas!

winter solstice

I took a evening jaunt on the high line Saturday, when it was unseasonably warm. It also happened to be Winter Solstice. Even though I know that the worst of winter is yet to come, I take some comfort in the fact that the days will now be getting longer instead of shorter. There is something utterly depressing about having sunset at 4:30 PM.

I brought my Polaroid with me Saturday evening, and snapped the images below with it. The image at the top, is of the same view from the iPhone. Not the most spectacular sunset. But I did like the way that the light was coming through the cotton-like plants in the foreground.

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

Lambo outdid themselves with this beautiful design. Dubbed the “Huracán,” this fighting bull is the successor to the Gallardo as Lamborghini’s flagship model. Cheers to the Italians for another gorgeous vehicle.


missing the warm weather [throwback thursday]

It is that time of year when it has become consistently cold in New York City. Even though it is supposed to make its way back into the 60s this weekend, I’m seriously craving beach weather. The fact that I have started my year-end back up of my images files is not helping. Last night, I came across the folder from July of this year. During that month, I spent some time in Huntington Beach shooting the US Open of Surfing. I never really posted these outside of my tumblr feed. Here are a few of my faves. I’m so ready to go back… Like right now.

first snowfall

Over the weekend New York City had its first snow storm that actually left behind any accumulation. I’m not sure what it is about this event that makes it so great. The fact that it happened on a weekend made it extra nice. It is kind of like a magical slap in the face driving home the fact that winter is here.

It literally snowed all day on Saturday. I took the opportunity for a quick walk in the park first thing in the morning. Most of the photos that I took were mental images. But these are a couple of images that I took with a camera. Also saw this today and found it amusing.

pretty little didy

This video is nothing new (2007)… but I wanted to post it anyway. A friend of mine recently turned me onto it. The track is “What’s a Girl to Do” by Bat for Lashes. Sadly, this song is a bit of a deviation of her typical sound. I also wish that they could have done a little bit better than 360p for the video resolution. Just the same, I think that this song and video both rule.


Landing a Cessna Cardinal at SLC Airport No. 2

This is a quick and dirty little vid of landing my papito’s plane at Salt Lake Airport No. 2. There was a lot of light in the cockpit, so it was really hard to dial in the right exposure. Also, my video post production skills are seriously lacking (which is why all of my vids basically look the same, hehe). Anyway, here it is–

Landing a Cessna Cardinal at Salt Lake City Airport No. 2 from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

SLC from the (sooty) air

One of my favorite activities when I visit the parents, is to go flying with my dad. We almost always go super early in the morning. In the past, we have flown up and down the Wasatch mountain range, to Logan, To Vegas, etc.. During my most recent visit, we took a flight over the mountains to the west of Salt Lake Valley, and over the Great Salt Lake. There is a phenomenon called an inversion that occurs often in the winter in Salt Lake City. It is when the cold air gets trapped in the valley and fills with water vapor/particulate matter. It is gross looking from the ground. But it is actually kind of beautiful from above when it is being lit up by the morning light. Here are a bunch of snaps that I grabbed during our smoggy flight–

This red tailed hawk was not phased when we taxied down the runway 20 feet from it–


polaroid love

I made it back to Salt Lake over the holiday. The last couple of times that I have visited family there, I made it a point to drag along the Polaroid Landcamera 230. I found a place locally that sells Fuji FP3000B, so that I don’t have to worry about the x-ray machine fogging up my film at the airport. The snap above is one of my favorites from the latest excursion out west. It is a my most recent nephew sitting on my old man’s lap at a college football game.