‘stories of bike’


I came across the site “Stories of Bike” recently, thanks to Asphalt and Rubber. I agree with their statement, “It won’t take you long to realize that there is a clear moto-hipster vibe that’s going on with the Stories of Bike” Plus, the term”moto-hipster” made me laugh out loud. Even though these types of bikes aren’t really my cup of tea, I have to admit that I ended up watching all of the videos. I did identify with some aspect of what each of the featured riders/bikes were about. Even though I never did any heavy mods to my early bikes, the first two that I owned were a CB250 and a CB750, similar to the production versions of the modded bikes in the videos. I also found it interesting to learn about the Aussie version of cafe racer culture. The vids are very well produced and short enough to keep them interesting. To be honest, watching these vids kind of made me miss working on bikes. Check ’em.


wooster collective 10 year anniversary group exhibit


One of my favorite street art blogs, Wooster Collective, celebrated its 10th year this week with a group exhibit at Jonathan Levine Gallery. The exhibit is featuring work from some of my favorite contemporary artists, some of which were on hand at the event held this week at Levine’s Pop up gallery on 22nd Street in Chelsea (525 west 22nd St.). It opens to the public tonight, and runs through August 24th. It is definitely worth checking out.

Here are a few more looks.

2013-shotbyjake-com-1873 2013-shotbyjake-com-1741 2013-shotbyjake-com-1647 2013-shotbyjake-com-1627

Leica x G-Star Raw


Pretty stoked to be testing out this little gem. It is a collaboration between Leica and G-Star Raw. I like the styling of the case as much as like the actual camera. I’m pretty sure that if I owned this camera that I would bring it with me everywhere. I’ll probably post some of the snaps that I get with it, later this week or next.

eli reed stars in UXA’s ‘the chase’


I love seeing all of the local spots in this video. Watch Eli Reed jibbing on those crazy cement barriers and bells in the middle of Houston St. The crux of the video is the last scene where Reed hippie jumps an NYPD cruiser. One of the cheekiest/most technical skate vids I have seen in a long time. Watch it below.


UXA #TheChase from UXA on Vimeo.

rossi’s ranch


Everyone’s favorite GP rider takes some fellow Dainese sponsored riders to the Rossi Ranch in Tavullia Italy. Here is the video–



shinola tribeca store


The Detriot bicycle brand Shinola opened its new TriBeCa space last Friday on Franklin Street. I dropped by to check it out (and to say hi to my friends from the Smile running the newsstand in the front). I love bikes and watches. So, I was pretty stoked about the store. Definitely check it out, if you are into bikes.


Some clouds and stuff


I have made it a point, for the past several weekends to get out of the city. I haven’t been to the Hamptons, or anything like that. But I have been able to turn my usual weekend trips to Yonkers into adventures farther up-state. These trips have been very pleasant for several reasons. For one, the temperature seems to magically drop by 10 degrees once I cross the county line into Westchester. Additionally, the scenery in up-state New York can be quite nice.

This snap is from Saturday. It could be from anywhere that has skies and bird(s). But this image is from the top of (the East Coast version of) a mountain on the bank of the Hudson, moments before those clouds let loose with torrential rain. So that is my story from the weekend. Happy Monday.

usb rechargeable bookman bike lights


I currently use the original iteration of the Bookman bike light. In NYC, cyclists are actually required by law to use a light while riding at night. Although the Bookman lights don’t provide a lot of illumination, they do increase your visibility to others and are easy to mount (and remove when you lock up). They have three lighting modes: solid, and two speeds of blinking.

I have been so happy with mine, that I’m already on my second set. On the current version, it is easier to replace the entire unit, than it is to replace the battery when it dies. Apparently the design folks at Bookman took this into account with their recently announced upgrade, which will be rechargeable via USB. The rechargeable model is scheduled to be available in the US around August of this year.


“Rouge” group show at Cone Gallery


I wish that I could be in LA for this one. Some of my favorite artists will be showing at the upcoming summer group show at the Cone Gallery. From the OBEY blog:

Inspired by recent travels to Paris, Katherine Cone Gallery is pleased to present
a summer group exhibition, titled Rouge. The exhibition consists of original
works of art that will include the color red by renowned artists Edith Baumann,
Sean Cheetham, John Eden, EL MAC, Shepard Fairey, John Van
Hamersveld, Brad Howe, Eric Pedersen, DeWain Valentine, and Suzan

A Summer Group Exhibition
July 20 – August 24, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 20, 2013 /6-9 pm


Evolution of the BMW M3 short docu


In college, I had a friend who owned a 90-something M3. It was that color of yellow that I felt like pretty much every M3 in that era was painted. I was kind of obsessed with the car (until I discovered the Audi S4, hehe). Anyway, I came across this video today and I thought it was pretty cool to see how the design has changed on M3 over the years.



July 4


Actually, this post is starting with July 3, above. It has been raining like crazy, lately. Summer rain in NYC is crazy. It can be torrential for a few minutes, then the sun comes out.

2013-shotbyjake-com-4760 2013-shotbyjake-com-4774-2 2013-shotbyjake-com-4742 2013-shotbyjake-com-4786

Here are some from the evening of the 4th of July. These were snapped from the roof of a boutique hotel on the west side of Manhattan. The Hudson was completely packed with boats loaded with people ready to watch fireworks.

2013-shotbyjake-com-4795 2013-shotbyjake-com-4849 2013-shotbyjake-com-4854

And then, the mass exodus down river, after the fireworks. I really like the way these slow shutters came out.

2013-shotbyjake-com-4898 2013-shotbyjake-com-4900 2013-shotbyjake-com-4902

Revok and Pose on the Bowery Mural


Revok and Pose opened a joint exhibit at Jonathan Levine Gallery over the weekend. In connection with the opening, they took over the famous mural spot on Houston and Bowery. I rolled by and snapped them last week while they were working on it. The image above it is the final product.

2013-shotbyjake.com-4546 2013-shotbyjake.com-4556 2013-shotbyjake.com-4563 2013-shotbyjake.com-4579