Hillary Brace clouds of charcoal

I’m such a sucker for all things sky (sunsets/rises, sun, moon, clouds, etc..). I’m also a huge fan monochromatic art. So it is only natural that I would instantly like the work of Hillary Brace. I discovered her last week, thanks to Jux. She sketches some pretty fantastic cloudscapes (probably a word) using charcoal and eraser. Peep more of the set over here.


color pencil sketches by Kate Powell

For some reason, I have always considered colored pencils kind of a crappy medium. It may just be because I never had really nice ones. To me they always just seemed like a watered down version of pastel chalk for people with poor dexterity. All of those notions are, of course, totally silly and tongue in cheek. But I have to say that seeing Kate Powell‘s illustrations using colored pencils has turned me into a believer. Check out her Tumblr and be blown away.


Louise McNaught

I am a huge fan of this work by UK based artist Louise McNaught. The color schemes that she adds to her sketches and paintings gives them an extremely fresh aesthetic. The inverted drip on the piece with the deer locking antlers is next level, IMO.



WK 360 at Jonathan Levine

Last week I attended the opening of WK’s latest installation at Jonathan Levine Gallery, entitled “WK 360.” It is a fantastic exhibit made up of WK’s trademark monochromatic collages, mixed in with some three dimensional pieces. Stop by if you have a chance. Here are a few additional looks–

I want this– outex SLR housings

Here is another item for the wishlist. A couple of years ago, I was taking a trip to Charleston to go sailing. I wanted to bring a nice camera on the boat, but was nervous about water damage. I looked on the B&H website at dedicated underwater housings, and was very dismayed by the price point. There are some other ziplock looking alternatives out there, but the flimsy construction wasn’t instilling a lot of confidence. I think that Outex may have come up with the perfect solution. I came across this piece on Uncrate, and am now tempted to pick one up, so that I can get some shots like this 😉

Here is what Uncrate says about the Outex housings–

Breathtaking underwater photos? Awesome. Paying more than you paid for your camera for a dedicated housing? Not so awesome. Outex Waterproof Camera Covers ($190 and up) offer a reasonably-priced alternative, hermetically sealing your DSLR from the world and giving you protection from mud, snow, and water to depths of 30+ feet. Simply select the cover, lens attachment, and viewfinder that’s right for your setup, bolt on any accessories you need, and start making some photos.


‘In Pieces’ at Open House Gallery

I love mixed media installations. So, I was totally down when I got invited to check out the opening of “In Pieces” the other night at Open House gallery. In this collaboration, Nathan Sawaya teamed up with Dean West to create a series of augmented reality photos. Sawaya created Lego sculptures that West incorporated into his photos. Both the sculptures and the final images were on display. Here are a couple more snaps.

Parra at Levine

One cool opening I attended recently, was an installation by the Dutch artist Parra. It was his first solo show in the US, and is currently showing at the Levine Gallery. Def head by and check it.

Faith47 goes big in Hawaii

I’m a huge fan of this new piece by Faith47 in the South Pacific. It is the perfect marriage of strong imagery and paint drip. In my opinion, this is one of the strongest pieces that has come out of POW WOW Hawaii.