One of my favorite blogs, the 189, posted this video today. About the video:

Australian studio Urchin Associates released this series in collaboration with Movember titled “Craft and Pride” which looks into the life of different moustached fellows. Particularly pinpointing those with craft and pride within what they do and their stories, this one I picked out below is episode 1 and it features a man named blake who likes to fly fish. He guides us through his technique, why he likes doing it and how he got started, I have to say the filming is absolutely stunning.

I am a huge fan of fishing. I grew up fishing with my father, and in fact used to tie my own flies, when I was a young whipper snapper. I totally dig this video and the whole idea behind Movember. Check it–

Movember 2011 Craft and Pride Series Episode 01 from Urchin Associates on Vimeo.

foursquare “wet plate project”

The snowboarding brand Foursquare has put together a pretty awesome project to coincide with the launch of their new website called the “Wet Plate Project.” Snowboarding + old school cameras? This definitely got my attention. Foursquare worked with photographer Ian Ruhter to shoot a series using an old wet plate camera. The wet plate is one of the oldest exposure/developing techniques in photography. The resulting images were pretty cool.

Here is vid that they published outlining the idea behind the project.


Check out Ruhter’s images from the first two of five installments, below. The shots feature riders Alek Oestreng and Andreas Wiig. Pretty incredible stuff, for an era where just any ol’ person can walk into B&H and pick up a 5D kit.

Thanks to my amigos at RC for turning me onto this.

Timelapse vid of southwestern US landscapes

I love these kind of vids. This one is especially cool to me, since I grew up camping/backpacking in some of the spots featured in the vid. The music is not exactly my flavor. But just turn down the audio on the player and listen to your own soundtrack.

KATSU and some other good stuff in SoHo

The other morning I was on my way to shoot some stuff at the Jack Spade showroom on Greene. I couldn’t help by notice that KATSU had been busy in the neighborhood. These sidewalk stencils were everywhere, including at the top of the steps exiting the R train on Prince and B-way. Last I heard from the dude, he was going big at MOCA. Anyway, I’m liking the stencil campaign. It was early enough in the morning that the streets (and sidewalks) were still relatively empty, so I was able to get a few shots. I also noticed a few stickers of the variety below.

and a detail–

Along the way, I also saw this mickey mouse stencil on an express mail label. I dig it.

Running Monks

Apologies in advance if I get a little bit heavy on the running posts for the next several weeks. Both of my fall marathons are on my mind pretty much all of the time, right now. Anyway, I came across this video today. Although it is a promo for the 2011 Fall/Winter collection of UNDERCOVER’s collaboration with Nike and the GYAKUSOU range, I love the idea. I love the cinematography, and it really does make me feel happy to be a runner. Plus, monks and Japan are awesome. Check the vid, below.


i want this– led surfboard

My first few surf sessions that I ever had were at night. Night surfing is like a different world. I remember paddling out in Waikiki as a youngster, watching the reflection of the moon on the incoming sets. I would have killed to have a board like this. I’m not sure which idea I think is cooler. LED bike rims, or this surfboard. I guess I’ll take one of each, please. Check out the video below.

MUNDAKA 24H from on Vimeo.


happy fashion week (cont’d)

The image above is currently one of my favorites shots from this iteration of NYFW. It was back stage at a Native Son show. Normally all of the back stage stuff that you get is the same. It is generally a bunch of candid images of people getting hair and makeup done, PR people yelling at other PR people in their headsets, etc.. My favorite overheard back stage conversation so far was “OMG, Yuri got arrested! We need to do a model count right now!”

Anyway, the reason that I like the image above so much, is because this particular show was off site at Pier 59 in Chelsea. The windows from the hair/makeup area of back stage opened onto the roof. So a bunch of the more Rat Pack-like models ducked out to have a quick butt. Another shot of the smoke break, below-

..and one from the actual presentation–

Next, let’s talk about Betsey Johnson.

I really like the animation going on with these curls.

Finally, I was dying over this adorable little family sitting on the front row.

Moving along to J. Crew. It is amazing the way that their look can be so sterile, but still beautiful. Favorite two looks from the presentation–

I’m hoping to have more images from these sets up on my photo blog by this weekend.

Oh yeah, wait. One more. I really liked this one from Billy Reid.

I wish that it wouldn’t have been so dark in there. I had to have the ISO jammed all of the way at like 1200 or something. So, this image isn’t very sharp. But I still really like the moodiness.

Shutterlog Remix

I will never cease to be amazed by the level of creativity that some people have. Check out this video of shutter noises mixed into a beat.


Banksy’s latest

I’m wondering how long this sign will (did) stay up. Nice work, B. Off topic, I recently discovered that an amigo of mine recently acquired an invader piece, with part of the wall attached. Hahahah. Dude, it takes a lot to make me feel jealous. But, I’m just saying, I sort of wish I had some Invader work.

this is how bikes fall in love

I came across this cool short by Edouard Sepulchre today and thought that I would pass it along. It is nothing Earth shattering. But it has some cool visuals. Plus, who doesn’t love bikes? It’s called “The Great Escape.” And no, it is not a reinterpretation of the Charlie Bronson classic. Check it out:

Speaking of videos, I saw another pretty cool one today, that my b-i-l Mike forwarded to me. I posted it over here.


I saw a ghost

I grew up on Nirvana. Kurt C. was a person that I admired and adored simultaneously. I had the pleasure of seeing Nirvana on more than one occasion before Kurt met his demise (which, btw seriously shook my world). Anyway, I stumbled upon this set of photos today, shot by Hedi Slimane. They are of Francis Bean, who is now a grown woman. When I first perused the set, I literally got cold chills. This woman, who I for some reason still think of as a baby swaddled up in Kurt’s arms during an MTV interview, bears a striking resemblance to her father. For a split second, I seriously felt like I was looking at Kurt reincarnated as a woman. Kudos to Slimane and Francis. I was very moved by this set. Have a look for yourself.

[Photography: Hedi Slimane]

How sick is this?

EVOL is an artist that I have been following for a while. He has a knack for turning small items into cityscapes with his precision stenciling. I had the pleasure of shooting some of his work earlier this year at Volta. It was awesome to see his work in person. But his latest piece is the coolest that I have seen in a while. He excavated a field to create crisscrossing trenches, before lining them with his stenciled plywood walls. He documented the entire process on his Flickr page. Check it out.

[images: EVOL]

’tis Friday

This was one of those weeks that couldn’t go by fast enough for me. I can’t say that there was a particular reason that I felt that way. But, I’m just very glad that it is now Friday. I have some big plans for the weekend, including shooting the annual Rock Steady B-boy competition. It is going to be at the Red Bull space this year. I was blown away last year, and I can’t wait to check it out again. If you are in the NYC area, you should definitely stop in and check it out.

If you are in LA, you might want to check this out: Shepard Fairey and gang have been busy on the walls of the West Hollywood library throwing up a mural. There is also work by Kenny Scharf and RETNA. My homey Matt shot some pics of the stuff going up and you can check it out over here.

No matter where you find yourself this weekend, you can enjoy this next one. If you liked the Tom Selleck waterfall sandwich blog, then this is right up your alley– Spock is not impressed. Boing Boing shared the link yesterday. Since then I have been checking it religiously, and have laughed audibly on more than one occasion while doing so.

Have a great weekend.

[Photo: Shepard Fairey on Rivington]

Happy Friday

I had myself quite a busy little night, last night. I stopped through the new location of the Hole Gallery on Bowery to see NYC graffiti legend, TAKI 183 in the flesh (and shoot his book signing for curatedmag). For fun, I put together a little animated gif above of TAKI scrawling his tag in someone’s book. I hope that it doesn’t give anyone seizures.

After the book signing, I headed across the street to the New Museum for an event with KAWS and Hennessy to celebrate the ltd. edition bottle that KAWS designed for them. ?uestlove was the DJ. It was a cool scene. Here are a couple of my favorite shots–

Above and below: ?uestlove, of The Roots.

I threw this one in just for kicks. The CK billboard hasn’t been as good, since Eva Mendez left. But I think it is funny the way that the BP and CK logos line up from this angle. Anyway, I’m a nerd.

I feel like Jakesmag has been a little bit heavier that I intended, for its first week in existence. I think it is partially a result of the fact that I have been in such a serious mood all of the time lately. I’m shooting for a bit of relaxation this weekend, so that I can tone things down a bit, if that’s ok. Have a great weekend.

One of those things I read and hope is true


David DiSalvo wrote an interesting piece in the Forbes blogs this week about a study of the link between men’s wellbeing and their appreciation of art. The title of the article is “Study: Men Who Dig Art and Culture are Happier, Healthier and Calmer.” Sounds intriguing, right? You can check out the abstract of the actual study, over here. But the gist of the data, according to DiSalvo is that,

Overall, both men and women who participated in cultural activities—including playing an instrument, painting, going to the theater and visiting museums—had lower levels of anxiety and depression, reported more life satisfaction, and generally “felt better” than those not participating in cultural activities.

But the biggest beneficiaries were men. And here’s the strange part: men more interested in watching and looking at culture—in museums and art galleries, for example – enjoyed the greatest benefits of all; even more than men actively participating in cultural and creative activities.

So apparently, a guy doesn’t even have to be an actively creative person to reap the mental/health benefits of appreciating those who are creative. I feel like I’m wound a bit more tightly than I would like to be, a lot of the time. Apparently, I need to spend some more time in the galleries.