Domino Sugar Factory

The defunct Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg, has been a source of amazement and mystery to me since the first time that I ever ventured over the W-Burg Bridge. As recently as the weekend after Hurricane Sandy I was riding my bike past the factory (when I snapped the crappy iPhone image above), thinking how cool it would be wander around the abandoned space and document it. So glad that someone else was able to do it before it becomes converted into residential lofts. Stylistically, I feel like this vid is a bit on the corny side (especially the last minute). Still definitely worth the watch. Check out the video below by 2e (Domino Sugar Rush – exploring Williamsburg’s sweetest decay from 2e. on Vimeo)

M83 ‘Wait’

I saw this video posted a few times over the weekend. So I watched it, and so should you. It is pretty incredible.

‘NYC Dark’

This is one of the many videos that I have watched featuring footage of NYC when the power was out in hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. It was produced by an outfit called “We are Already Alive.” I like the combination of timelapse and slow shutter stills. The soundtrack consists of commentary by the videographer. If you want to enhance the experience put on some dark electronica of the top of it. If you have 20 more minutes and want to see another good hurricane film, check this one.

audio goodness– xx

If you are like me, then you have been waiting with baited breath for The XX to release some new music for quite a while now. Their self titled (and first) album was released in 2009.I was pretty stoked to see this vid today from the forthcoming album “Coexist.” The track is entitled “Angels” and features only Romy’s vocals. Check it–

ketchikan vid

I slapped together a little vid from the footage that I shot in AK last week. I wish that I would have been more proactive about shooting video while I was up there. Alas, I didn’t. So, here is what I came away with:

2012 digital reel from brain farm

Brain Farm is the outfit that shot all of those recent Redbull snowboarding vids with Travis Rice. There is a lot of amazing video footage out there these days. There has almost become a pervasive school of thought that if a person can get their hands on a phantom, they can produce some ridiculous film. I guess that is true, to a degree. But for me personally, seeing a compilation like the one below that is all produced by the same house, is enough to reinforce my opinion that the camera is only as good as the eye behind it. If you want to see some breathtaking video, push play below (don’t forget to watch it full screen).

city of samba

Last month was Carnaval in Brazil I was never able to see it when I lived there. I think that it would be really cool to go back some time and catch it in the Sambódromo. Until then I can watch this beautifully shot tilt-shift video. Apparently it was shot using digital bodies on large-format bellows. It appears that some of the focal effects were added in post production. Either way it beats the tar out of that crappy tilt-shift effect in instagram. Hahahaha. This kind of thing makes me want to get a tilt-shift or even a lensbaby, and try it out myself. Anyway, here is an extremely beautiful video that really makes me miss Brazil.

audio goodness– bombay bicycle club

I actually posted about this video on EFoG in December, but thought it was worthy of sharing on here as well. For people who are hoping that this video is pervy, you will be disappointed. Despite the sort of racy thumbnail of the video, it is very tame. Here is what I said on EFoG.

I came across this vid the other day on OEN. I have to say that I was quite fond of the track and the imagery in the vid. Beyond having an older euro-spec Audi, this video (shot with a pair of Canon 7Ds), offers up a captivating cut that melds well with the song. The track is by Bombay Bicycle Club. It’s called “Lights Out, Words Gone.” The video was made by Karim Huu Do. Enjoy it, below.


happy friday

This took me a little longer than I had anticipated, to make. So, it’s kind of late. But it is still January, so whatev. Here is a little video slideshow recap of our 2011.

Have a great weekend!

my pet owl

I hate to be the kind of person who brags about what I got for Christmas…. But, checkout this awesome little USB pet owl. I just plug him into a USB port while I’m working at my desk and she dances and flirts with me. I made a little video below.

audio goodness– prop the cassette

This is a bit of a twist on the normal AG post. Also, it is several days late. Notwithstanding those two items… two amigos of mine are working on a project that I feel like is noteworthy. I wanted to pass it along. For anyone else who is a Gen-Xer, you know how the cassette tape change the world. When I was young, I had stacks and stacks of tapes. It (is) was an amazing medium. I had a dual cassette boombox during my breakdancing phase circa 4th-5th grade that I brought with me everywhere. The term “mixtape” (i.e. the medium that launched careers for guys like 50 Cent), came from this quasi-obsolete medium. Without droning on for too long (apologies if I already have), please check out the kickstarter trailer for this fantastic film that my friends are attempting to bankroll. If you are feeling a little bit of the cassette in your heart during this holiday season, please go the extra mile and donate a bit of cash, as well. Peep the film below–

video– utah & ether

Some impressive footage of Utah and Ether painting some daytime throwups in Bankok. Why am I sharing this? I have always been fascinated by this duo. They are like the Bonnie and Clyde of Graff. They both got pinched back in 2008 after a stint in Europe, presumably after participating in the same activities depicted in the vid below. Check it.


video– not your average bag of freestyle skate tricks

This dude’s style reminds me a lot of the very early “freestyle” skating that inspired the modern skateboard shape. It is such a bummer that the video is so low-res. I guess that even though all of our go-pro cams come from Asia, not all Asian skaters have access to them. Watch below and have your mind boggled.