new fott vid– ‘motorcycle. better than breakfast’

This video was the perfect start to my Friday. The Video is by Fott, called ‘Motorcycle. Better than Breakfast.’ The title sums it up. I doubt that there are many red-blooded males out there who would choose shoveling down some oatmeal over blasting around a pre-dawn Moscow atop a cafe racer before morning rush hour. If that was my breakfast, I would eat breakfast every day. Anyway, check out the vid.

PS: My brother arrived safe and sound this morning. He also brought along his lady friend, who I was able to meet for the first time this morning. I think it is going to be a good weekend.

more marathon hooplah

I just wanted to share two more things that I came across, yesterday as I was flipping through all of the marathon related media coverage. The first item, is this video from MTA Bridge and Tunnel crew. It is a time lapse of the start of the race, on the Verazzano Bridge. This year they added some new camera angles.

The next items came from Laughing Squid. It is a story about an illustrator Christoph Niemann, who illustrated at various points along the race course as he was running, then tweeted his drawings/paintings. I seriously love this kind of stuff.

The caption of this one is “Bottom of the Willis Ave. Bridge”

This one is “To of the Willis Ave. Bridge” Hahahaha

And here is crossing the finish line.

Check out the full photo story, starting at @abstractsunday, which became locked up and eventually moved to @abstractsunday1.



One of my favorite blogs, the 189, posted this video today. About the video:

Australian studio Urchin Associates released this series in collaboration with Movember titled “Craft and Pride” which looks into the life of different moustached fellows. Particularly pinpointing those with craft and pride within what they do and their stories, this one I picked out below is episode 1 and it features a man named blake who likes to fly fish. He guides us through his technique, why he likes doing it and how he got started, I have to say the filming is absolutely stunning.

I am a huge fan of fishing. I grew up fishing with my father, and in fact used to tie my own flies, when I was a young whipper snapper. I totally dig this video and the whole idea behind Movember. Check it–

Movember 2011 Craft and Pride Series Episode 01 from Urchin Associates on Vimeo.

fruit fly saga continues

By Friday night, we had successfully trapped hundreds of fruit flies in mason jars. I came up with the idea below, and it seemed to work pretty well.

foursquare “wet plate project”

The snowboarding brand Foursquare has put together a pretty awesome project to coincide with the launch of their new website called the “Wet Plate Project.” Snowboarding + old school cameras? This definitely got my attention. Foursquare worked with photographer Ian Ruhter to shoot a series using an old wet plate camera. The wet plate is one of the oldest exposure/developing techniques in photography. The resulting images were pretty cool.

Here is vid that they published outlining the idea behind the project.


Check out Ruhter’s images from the first two of five installments, below. The shots feature riders Alek Oestreng and Andreas Wiig. Pretty incredible stuff, for an era where just any ol’ person can walk into B&H and pick up a 5D kit.

Thanks to my amigos at RC for turning me onto this.

Timelapse vid of southwestern US landscapes

I love these kind of vids. This one is especially cool to me, since I grew up camping/backpacking in some of the spots featured in the vid. The music is not exactly my flavor. But just turn down the audio on the player and listen to your own soundtrack.

Running Monks

Apologies in advance if I get a little bit heavy on the running posts for the next several weeks. Both of my fall marathons are on my mind pretty much all of the time, right now. Anyway, I came across this video today. Although it is a promo for the 2011 Fall/Winter collection of UNDERCOVER’s collaboration with Nike and the GYAKUSOU range, I love the idea. I love the cinematography, and it really does make me feel happy to be a runner. Plus, monks and Japan are awesome. Check the vid, below.


Shutterlog Remix

I will never cease to be amazed by the level of creativity that some people have. Check out this video of shutter noises mixed into a beat.


New Shepard Fairey video.

Check out this recently released vid featuring Shepard Fairey talking about how Obey came about. According to the video, Fairey derived some of his early inspiration from the NYC bred skate company Shut. As it so happens, I spent an afternoon back in June hanging out with Rodney and Eli (the founders of Shut) and shot the the stills (above)  for an article that was to be included in the latest HS print mag. Anyway, I thought that this video was pretty cool. It even includes some old footage of Shepard himself doing it up on a mini ramp. Check it–

Another artsy skate vid

I have some friends that used to skate for 5boro. They seem like a decent outfit. Here is their Fall ’11 clip. I think that the monochromatic edit is a nice touch. See how many of your favorite NYC spots you can identify–


this is how bikes fall in love

I came across this cool short by Edouard Sepulchre today and thought that I would pass it along. It is nothing Earth shattering. But it has some cool visuals. Plus, who doesn’t love bikes? It’s called “The Great Escape.” And no, it is not a reinterpretation of the Charlie Bronson classic. Check it out:

Speaking of videos, I saw another pretty cool one today, that my b-i-l Mike forwarded to me. I posted it over here.


What the world looks like through the eyes of a skateboard

My homey Josh Maready shared this video on FB today. I couldn’t help but pass it along. Last time we hung out together, he was telling me about this idea that he had to put a camera on his skateboard and go skating. I thought it sounded like an awesome idea, and also wondered how the camera would hold up (and apparently it didn’t). But Josh was able to put together some pretty remarkable footage anyway. He is a fantastic skateboarder. It is almost as fun to watch from the underside of his board, as it is to watch from the third person perspective. Anyway, check it out.

Beastie Boys X Santigold X Spike Jonze

I know it is back to back videos, but I really couldn’t wait to post this one. I have been super stoked since I heard about it. Just released today, here is the newest Beastie Boys’ video, featuring Santigold, directed by Spike Jonze. “Don’t play no game that I can’t win”


I was only the 230th person to view! Woot.