Shepard Fairey’s on lessons learned from skateboarding

Shepard Fairey wrote an interesting note on his blog this week about skateboarding. He asserted that skateboarding had taught him resilience. I had never thought about things in those terms. But thinking back about how many times I wrecked myself trying to stomp a new trick, it seems very logical that the determination, perseverance and resilience from that era in life had something to do with shaping the present version of me. Here is what Fairey had to say about the photo above:

My friend Jason Filipow found this shot of me from the summer of ’88 on the internet. We don’t know who took the photo, but it is from a spot called the Junkyard, an abandoned concrete slab on Sullivan’s Island South Carolina. The Junkyard was a really fun spot where we built a bunch of ramps as we were able to buy or “acquire” wood. I remember clearly that I was riding an S.M.A Rocco Division Jesse Martinez with OJ Team Rider wheels and independent trucks. I learned to ollie boardslide handrails on that setup. We had a great crew that skated The Junkyard almost daily, including Jason Filipow, Alfred Hawkins(who can be seen at the right edge of the frame), David Stowe, and Kevin Taylor. I’m still friends with all of them,  and they are all successful artists and designers. The creativity and rebellion of skateboarding shaped who we’ve become profoundly. I’m teaching my daughter to skate now. I was reminded of another valuable thing skateboarding helped me with after I slammed on my tail bone skating with my daughter today… resilience! Skateboarding taught me to cope with pain and keep going.



Hillary Brace clouds of charcoal

I’m such a sucker for all things sky (sunsets/rises, sun, moon, clouds, etc..). I’m also a huge fan monochromatic art. So it is only natural that I would instantly like the work of Hillary Brace. I discovered her last week, thanks to Jux. She sketches some pretty fantastic cloudscapes (probably a word) using charcoal and eraser. Peep more of the set over here.


Raised by Wolves Varsity yoyo

Raised by Wolves, the brain child of my homey Pete Williams just released the “Varsity” yoyo. It is a collaboration with CLYW. This video take yoyos from the realm of Smothers Brothers into the level of pure badassery. I love the usage of car lights for backlighting. This dude is amazingly dexterous for the stuff that he is pulling barehanded in -25c weather. Peep it–


color pencil sketches by Kate Powell

For some reason, I have always considered colored pencils kind of a crappy medium. It may just be because I never had really nice ones. To me they always just seemed like a watered down version of pastel chalk for people with poor dexterity. All of those notions are, of course, totally silly and tongue in cheek. But I have to say that seeing Kate Powell‘s illustrations using colored pencils has turned me into a believer. Check out her Tumblr and be blown away.


Carson Street Clothiers

My friend, and former colleague recently opened a new menswear store in SoHo. The name of the shop is Carson Street Clothiers. I had the pleasure of checking out the space a couple of weeks ago, before it was open to the public to snap a couple of shots. The space is beautiful, and the selection is fantastic. I definitely recommend stopping through.


I roped my friend Mike into modeling some jackets for a quick editorial shoot last weekend. The label is C.P. Company. These jackets are part of their CP 24 collection, and they are both pretty dope. BTW, ladies, Mike is single Brooklynite. 😉

Louise McNaught

I am a huge fan of this work by UK based artist Louise McNaught. The color schemes that she adds to her sketches and paintings gives them an extremely fresh aesthetic. The inverted drip on the piece with the deer locking antlers is next level, IMO.