Sauna Box– portable sauna

How awesome is this self contained ‘Sauna Box’? I could totally go for one of these today. It is plenty chilly outside, and I wouldn’t mind sweating away some of the winter stress next to the coals. Designed by Castor, this sauna is built into a half length shipping container, and can theoretically be transported anywhere. Comes ready to go with all of the following:

solar panels providing the power and a wood-burning stove. Features include a red cedar interior, integrated iPod stereo, electric guitar hookup, Castor stool, a magnetic truck light, and bronze antlers


new work from Mentalgassi

I really like this recent stuff from Mentalgassi. I have written about his style before. These two photos went up on his blog earlier this week. Like Roa, Bansksy, Blu, and so many other successful street artists, Mentalgassi is very good at making his art interact with its location. I think that the RC controller might be my favorite of the two.


Domino Sugar Factory

The defunct Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg, has been a source of amazement and mystery to me since the first time that I ever ventured over the W-Burg Bridge. As recently as the weekend after Hurricane Sandy I was riding my bike past the factory (when I snapped the crappy iPhone image above), thinking how cool it would be wander around the abandoned space and document it. So glad that someone else was able to do it before it becomes converted into residential lofts. Stylistically, I feel like this vid is a bit on the corny side (especially the last minute). Still definitely worth the watch. Check out the video below by 2e (Domino Sugar Rush – exploring Williamsburg’s sweetest decay from 2e. on Vimeo)

Snaps from the armory

Ann Hamliton’s exhibit “The Event of a Thread” opened over the weekend at the Park Avenue Armory. The installation is an interactive one. The main drill hall in the armory is bifurcated by giant white sheet. On either side of the sheet are scores of swings suspended from the armory rafters. Each of the swings has cords connecting them to the sheet, so that the motion of the swings animate the sheet. It was quite an interesting spectacle. These are a couple of the images that I grabbed while I was at the exhibit.

M83 ‘Wait’

I saw this video posted a few times over the weekend. So I watched it, and so should you. It is pretty incredible.

New El Mac ‘Birds of no Nation”

Mac posted some new work on his blog recently. This was a commissioned celebrating a woman graffiti writer from Afghanistan. Mac explains the piece:

These are shots of a large mural-sized canvas commissioned for the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial in Australia, which opens this weekend. It is a collaboration with Shamsia Hassani and the Propeller Group. Shamsia Hassani is the first and probably only serious female graffiti writer in Afghanistan, and is also an associate professor in the Fine Arts Department at Kabul University.