Latest addition to the family


I added a couple of new tools to the arsenal this week. Specifically, I finally picked up a Fujifilm X100S. I have ranted about this camera a few times already. I have only had it one day, but I already like it quite a bit. I showed a couple of my friends, who called it a tourist camera. Funny enough, that is exactly what I intend to use it for. It is such a pain to drag an SLR system with me every time that I travel. I plan on bringing this girl with me everywhere. In true tourist fashion, I snapped a couple of shots in midtown this morning (including one in Times Square). Nothing amazing, but I’m just getting her broken in!

2014-shotbyjake-com-1093inverted 2014-shotbyjake-com-1128



No. 3 Hood by Air (one of the weirder shows that I have ever been to)

Timo Weiland


I decided to drop additional snaps from NYFW Feb 2014 in one-per-day installments. Here is No.1 from the Timo Weiland presentation.



I took advantage of the long President’s Day weekend and made my way across the pond. This was only my second time in Paris, and I have to say that I enjoyed it considerably more than the first time I visited. I didn’t really shoot that much while I was there. But here are the few that I did get when I brought my camera out with me.

2014-shotbyjake-com-1850 2014-shotbyjake-com-1855 2014-shotbyjake-com-1860 2014-shotbyjake-com-1880 2014-shotbyjake-com-1891 2014-shotbyjake-com-1894 2014-shotbyjake-com-1936 2014-shotbyjake-com-1949 2014-shotbyjake-com-1958 2014-shotbyjake-com-1967 2014-shotbyjake-com-1973 2014-shotbyjake-com-1985 2014-shotbyjake-com-2028 2014-shotbyjake-com-2100 2014-shotbyjake-com-2130

NYFW, so far (photo heavy)

Even though today is the official start of New York fashion week, offsite shows started in the beginning of the week. I actually like the offsite shows much better (not just because they tend to be in my neighborhood). The tents are pretty sterile and boring. Plus a lot of my least favorite photogs hangout there full time. Anyway, here are some of my snaps from Tuesday and Wed.



it’s kinda cold


I guess that we have been kind of spoiled in NYC for the past few winters. Though there were some cold days and some snow, it wasn’t consistently cold the way it has been this winter for several years. I say this because the last time I remember seeing ice flow like this on the Hudson was in 2010. I snapped these pics last Friday evening in north cove marina. At eventide, the ice expands a good 50′ from the bank.



favorite images of 2013 part 1


In going back through the stuff that I shot in 2013, one thing has become very apparent– With the exception of NYFW in February, I am much more prolific in the warmer months. It isn’t that I’m not shooting in the winter. I’m just uninspired and not as active. Anyway, I have decided to pad this new full width layout with some of the favorite images that I snapped in 2013. I’ll do it in a couple of installations. This is the first.

2012-shotbyjake-com-3883 2013-shotbyjake-com-35001 2013-shotbyjake-com-4528 2013-shotbyjake-com-43701 2013-shotbyjake-com-43411 2013-shotbyjake-com-9548