NYFW, so far (photo heavy)


Even though today is the official start of New York fashion week, offsite shows started in the beginning of the week. I actually like the offsite shows much better (not just because they tend to be in my neighborhood). The tents are pretty sterile and boring. Plus a lot of my least favorite photogs hangout there full time. Anyway, here are some of my snaps from Tuesday and Wed.

2014-shotbyjake.com-4264 2014-shotbyjake.com-4287 2014-shotbyjake.com-5495 2014-shotbyjake.com-4525 2014-shotbyjake.com-4599 2014-shotbyjake.com-4652 2014-shotbyjake.com-4704 2014-shotbyjake.com-4992 2014-shotbyjake.com-5008 2014-shotbyjake.com-5024 2014-shotbyjake.com-5042 2014-shotbyjake.com-5067 2014-shotbyjake.com-5075 2014-shotbyjake.com-5082 2014-shotbyjake.com-5088 2014-shotbyjake.com-5461 2014-shotbyjake.com-5514 2014-shotbyjake.com-5553



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