I took advantage of the long President’s Day weekend and made my way across the pond. This was only my second time in Paris, and I have to say that I enjoyed it considerably more than the first time I visited. I didn’t really shoot that much while I was there. But here are the few that I did get when I brought my camera out with me.

2014-shotbyjake-com-1850 2014-shotbyjake-com-1855 2014-shotbyjake-com-1860 2014-shotbyjake-com-1880 2014-shotbyjake-com-1891 2014-shotbyjake-com-1894 2014-shotbyjake-com-1936 2014-shotbyjake-com-1949 2014-shotbyjake-com-1958 2014-shotbyjake-com-1967 2014-shotbyjake-com-1973 2014-shotbyjake-com-1985 2014-shotbyjake-com-2028 2014-shotbyjake-com-2100 2014-shotbyjake-com-2130
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