audio goodness– grand national

Another British outfit this week. Grand National is a two man show with a pretty broad spectrum of sound. They have everything from repurposed ska tracks, to straight up club banger dance music. The track that I’m sharing falls somewhere in between. It is called “Talk Amongst Yourselves.” Check it.


audio goodness– xx

If you are like me, then you have been waiting with baited breath for The XX to release some new music for quite a while now. Their self titled (and first) album was released in 2009.I was pretty stoked to see this vid today from the forthcoming album “Coexist.” The track is entitled “Angels” and features only Romy’s vocals. Check it–

audio goodness– shins

Last week I mentioned that I would be getting back to the basics, for a bit. This week we are chatting about the newish record from The Shins. I don’t have a lot of favorites of anything. But I dare say that The Shins are one of my favorite groups. I was very excited when the first couple of singles from “Port of Morrow” were released. Even though “Simple Song” (the first single released) is not one of my faves, I am very stoked on basically the entire rest of the album. The track that I’m sharing is “Bait and Switch.” Check it.