One WTC as of yesterday.

Every once in a while I feel the need to write about the World Trade Center construction progress. Here is my 2008 rant about calling it ground zero (which people still do, btw). Here is a shot of One World Trade Center last November. And the shot above is one that I snapped yesterday from ground level. It’s pretty crazy that next month will mark 10 years since the attacks. That means that next August I will have been in NY for 10 years. My, how time flies.

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  1. @Amanda Blair: It’s not that there is any right or wrong. I just feel like the term “ground zero” stopped accurately describing Trade Center, after the last dumptruck of debris was hauled off. I think that we need to look forward, instead of using a term that connotes some sort of destroyed wasteland. There was a pretty good article in the WSJ recently, that I tend to agree with. I probably wouldn’t even care so much, if I didn’t spend the majority of my waking hours right next to it.

  2. Time really does fly. Up until a year ago I lived a few blocks from the trade center for three years; it was so neat to watch all the construction. I rarely make it to that neighborhood anymore so when I do it’s always shocking to see all the progress on the Freedom Tower. Thanks for posting this picture.
    I really can’t think of what I call it, but I’ve never thought of it, and I like your point and am going to make a conscious effort to make sure I call it the WTC. I have told several friends and family who come and want to go see “Ground Zero” that there’s really not much to see anymore, other than the museum, which I highly recommend.

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