Watch me now.

I have a small collection of watches that I like to rotate. I have a few sportier/chunkier designs for the weekend, and others that are a bit less casual looking. The less casual looking are the only ones that really jive with the getup that I normally wear into the office. So, when the batteries started dying off about 8 months ago, I was eventually relegated to a solitary black chronograph. A million times, I thought to myself “I should drop off those watches for service.” But I perpetually put it off. Yesterday, the battery finally gave way on black chrono piece, as well. So, I packed up all three of the watches above and dropped them off for service today. I will be retrieving them in the morning. Until then, my wrist will just have to remain naked during business hours. It’s like the macro drawn-out version of putting off laundry until you finally have to throw on a pair of board shorts (since your skivvies are all in the hamper), and a musty seldom worn t-shirt, then do the march of shame to the laundromat.

This concludes another lesson on procrastination.

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  1. Watches are one of my favorite things and I collect them, like you. I’m curious though, why buy all the Nixons when you could use that money to buy one really nice watch?

    Not trying to patronize or come off as caustic. Just curious and like “talking shop” with other watch nerds. 🙂

  2. @Briana: Hi Briana, I’m not offended by the question, at all. The only “nice” watch that I have every owned was a Tag, and it was a gift from an ex GF, so I eventually gave it away. Since then I have only purchased watches that are under $1k. I guess that answer to your question is that I would rather have more options of lesser value. I can’t really justify owning multiple watches at $5k a piece. If my bankroll some day allows that, I will definitely upgrade the collection 😉

  3. First of all, I LOVE YOUR ANSWER TO BRIANA’S QUESTION! So glad you gave away the watch you got from that ho. (All ex GFs are ho’s in my book.)

    Secondly, I do the same with my watches and it’s about time I take them all in again. The only difference is that I have never spent more than $100 on a watch, much les $1k. But my goal in life is to own the j12 watch from Chanel.

    I could sell my car and buy one today.

    But then I wouldn’t have a car anymore.

  4. First of all, you know I love your watches! Secondly, I can totally relate on the procrastination thing. Actually, I am procrastinating right now.

  5. I loved this posts, totally made me laugh.
    Do you have a good relatively inexpensive watch guy you like? My beloved watch is effed up and needs some maintenance but I’ve been putting it off partially because I’ve been too cheap and partially because I don’t want to just go to a random.
    Will you email me if you have someone you like?
    Thanks Jake!

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